Armed protestors pressure Las Cruces City Council to drop School Safety resolution

On Monday, armed, pro-gun activists loosely organized by Republican and outspoken pro-gun candidates in Doña Ana County amassed at the Las Cruces City Hall to protest “A Resolution to Better Ensure the Safety of Students in Las Cruces Schools.” The protest started on the road in front of City Hall with folks carrying AR-15s and handguns, holding signs, and waving variations of the Gadsden Flag, the infamous coiled snake with the phrase “Don’t tread on me.” Most of those protestors then entered City Hall for the regular meeting and took up menacing positions around the back of the chamber with their weapons in full view of anyone coming and going. There were additional seats, added in the lobby of City Hall, that were also filled with armed supporters so that anyone from the public who may have been coming to pay a utility bill or apply for a business license was welcomed by a phalanx of people with rifles and handguns. At least two candidates who are running in November were a part of the protest and took some credit for organizing it.

[TAKE ACTION] Smarter gun policy needs to be forefront up and down the ballot across the state in 2018

Primary elections in New Mexico take place in June, and the general election isn’t until November but knowing where candidates stand on the issue of smarter gun laws is something we should all be paying attention to now. With the momentum from the brave students in Florida who survived last weeks massacre who are demanding something be done about the lax gun laws in this country, current elected leaders and candidates should be seeing this as cornerstone issue for 2018. And, this past 30-day session the issue of smarter gun laws hardly made a blip. As the Santa Fe New Mexican put it:

Debate over gun control may be raging in many parts of the country, but little of it has been heard at New Mexico’s Capitol. The issue barely registered during the legislative session that began a month after a gunman killed two students at a school in Aztec and ended the same week a shooter in Florida killed 17 people at a high school.

Amy Schumer calls out Steve Pearce in hilarious gun safety video

Late night TV doesn’t often take on weighty topics, but when they do it is much watch TV. You’ve probably seen comedian Amy Schumer on Saturday Night Live, in one of her many stand up shows or in her own Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer and it had a unique New Mexico message. A few months back we profiled Rep. Steve Pearce’s big campaign payday from the NRA and gun lobbyists in our report, “Rep. Steve Pearce took $112,931 from NRA, gun groups to stay silent on shootings.” This week, in a four-minute clip  you have to see, Schumer spoofs the Home Shopping Network as she and a c0-host sell guns. When a convicted felon calls in expressing his disappointment that he can’t buy a gun, they simply put up a sign and – voila!