One day after making it easier for people to cross state lines with guns, Pearce offers more “prayers” for gun violence victims

Once again New Mexicans are hurting in the wake of a terrifying school shooting in Aztec earlier today. And while there are some who will undoubtedly say it’s “too early to politize this issue,” the fact of the matter is that when politicians make statements that are out of line with their values it must be addressed. Predictably, Republican Congressman (and gubernatorial candidate) Steve Pearce took to Twitter to express that he was “praying” for those affected by today’s shooting. Praying for everyone in #Aztec especially our students, their loved ones & our first responders.
— Steve Pearce (@Pearce4NM) December 7, 2017

If that looks painfully familiar it’s because you’ve seen it before:

Please pray for our neighbors in Texas.

Officer Webster’s shooter bought the gun in a parking lot from a guy on the internet. Background check bills would have prevented that sale.

Embedded in reports from the Federal firearms trial of Davon Lyman, the convicted felon accused of shooting Albuquerque Police Officer Daniel Webster last year, were new details surrounding how Lyman acquired the gun used to kill that officer: the convicted felon bought the gun in a parking lot from someone he had never met, without a background check that would have prevented the sale to a convicted felon. At the end of the Albuquerque Journal’s report from the courtroom was a summary of testimony from a local man who sold Lymon the gun:

Gun seller
Tuesday’s witnesses included the man who said he sold Lymon the Taurus pistol police said fired the shots that killed Webster. He recounted talking to Lymon on the phone before agreeing to meet him in a Wienerschnitzel parking lot on Juan Tabo, where the sale took place. [read more from the ABQ Journal]

Another witness, Savannah Garcia, a 17-year-old woman who was riding on the back of Lymon’s motorcycle the night of the fateful traffic stop put Lymon at the scene and identified him as the man who pulled the trigger on the gun that led to Webster’s death. Lymon recently waived his right to a jury trial.