[Watch Video] ICE raids come to New Mexico; Protestors block streets in response

In response to reports of at least two local ICE raids Wednesday morning, Doña Ana County residents rallied at the Federal Courthouse in Las Cruces.  Immigration community advocates reported that persons arrested in the raid included at least one person who had no criminal record, contradicting the Trump administration’s ICE reports that they are only focussing on arresting previously convicted felons. Word of the ICE actions spread quickly through the tightly connected progressive community via texts and social media. After a brief rally the Federal Courthouse, participants – including ProgressNowNM’s local manager Lucas Herndon – marched to the city’s busiest intersection at the height of rush hour and shut it down with protests in the streets and supporters chanting on the sidewalks. ICE actions take place in Las Cruces, Chaparral | NM Political Report
BREAKING: Immigration raids in Las Cruces Wednesday morning – KVIA

ProgressNow’s Lucas Herndon provided video of the protest as police arrived.

After questioning ICE raids, ICE cancels meeting with Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Hispanic Caucus

New Mexico’s Michelle Lujan Grisham made the rounds on national TV Monday ahead of a planned meeting to discuss new immigration raids with the acting director of ICE – until he cancelled. KOAT-TV reported this from the Associated Press:
An ICE spokesperson confirmed agents arrested 680 undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Texas and New York. In a statement, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said the operations have been happening for years, but added that the agency is clear on its mission from President Donald Trump to remove undocumented immigrants who pose a public safety threat. ICE officials said 75 percent of those deported in the past two weeks were criminals. Lujan-Grisham addressed the deportations Monday in an interview with ABC News.

In New Mexico, local leaders will be key to stopping Trump’s mass-deportation plan. Here’s why.

In yesterday’s news, President-elect Donald Trump named alt-right, anti-semite Steve Bannon as his administration’s chief advisor and promised to deport 2-3 million undocumented residents of the United States ASAP. Read more: “Anti-semite gets top post” | Huffington Post
As crazy as that might sound logistically, the legal framework to allow that to happen is already in place in communities around the country and it requires local elected leaders (the exact ones we focus on recruiting and electing at ProgressNowNM) to make a simple but critical change at the local level. That gives us all a chance to #SayNoToTrump in New Mexico. Here’s how. Local cooperation likely key to Trump’s new deportation plan

As VOX points out in a scary new piece this morning, federal law already permits local law enforcement agencies to sign 287(g) agreements (named after the section of federal law where the authorization is found) that essentially deputized local law enforcement as federal immigration agents.

Take our quiz: “Who said it?” Donald Trump or Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce has said some crazy things in his term as New Mexico’s hardline conservative member of Congress, but today’s announcement may be his craziest yet. Pearce told the Associated Press today that he’d back Donald Trump for president if Trump can win the nomination.  Don’t believe us? Read the story here. That announcement got us to thinking: is there really any difference between Trump and Pierce?

4 awful things about Gov. Martinez’s Marco Rubio endorsement

[UPDATE: The Democratic Governor’s Association released a statement about Gov. Martinez’s endorsement of Marco Rubio. Martinez is the Chair of the Republican Governor’s Association. Read the statement at the bottom of this post.]

Governor Susana Martinez is supporting second-tier Republican candidate Marco Rubio for the presidential nomination. “I wholeheartedly trust Marco to keep us safe and ensure a better tomorrow,” said Martinez about the junior senator from Florida. Yesterday news circulated on Martinez’s refusal to say anything one way or the other on Republican front runner Donald Trump when asked who she was going to endorse for the nomination.

Top 5 BEST things from #NMLEG 2016

Yesterday we ran through our “Top 5 WORST things from #NMLEG 2016.”

Though bad bills and bad actors were plentiful this year, there were also a lot of great things to look back on from the progressive point-of-view. Today we’re taking a look at the top 5 best things to happen in #NMLEG 2016. #5
Progressive champions in the House
Despite being in the minority, progressives in the House put forth a valiant effort this year to advance some key policies to help our kids, our economy, our education system, our voting systems, and much more. Here’s just a small sampling of these champions:

Rep. Bill McCamley had a bill to equalize the tax code in the state so that people earning most of their income from capital gains would pay the same rate as those who work hourly. “The bill would have increased the state’s Working Families Tax Credit from 10 percent of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit to 20 percent.”

Rep. Jeff Steinborn got his bill to the governor’s desk – which he’s sponsored for years now – to allow some 17 year olds to participate in primary elections.

John Boehner just gave up. United Dem front defeats Tea Party insurgents in battle over immigration funding

It’s official. John Boehner gave up today. Roll Call, the DC-based newspaper reporting on Congress, reports that Republican House Speaker Boehner will allow his members to vote in a full DHS funding bill later today. It contains no restrictions on President Obama’s executive action covering immigration, and it is expected to pass. “Democrats stayed united and blocked our bill, and our Republican colleagues in the Senate never found a way to win this fight,” Boehner said…

First 2015 Moral Monday Rally Focused on Immigrant Day of Action

New Mexicans are fighting back against the pro-corporate and out-of-state agendas targeting New Mexico.  More than 1000 individuals, organizations, advocates and champions gathered outside the Roundhouse today for a New Mexico-style “Moral Monday” to call attention to extreme right-wing legislative initiatives being pushed by the Governor’s office and a new Republican majority in the House. “Moral Mondays” was an effort which began in North Carolina by a group of progressives fighting against right-wing initiatives including voter suppression, racial discrimination, unfair tax policy, and worker suppression. Since starting in North Carolina, the Moral Monday movement has spread to states including Georgia, Missouri and, New York. #MoralMondays #MoralNY Standing up for ethics and morality in state government.