Why does Kelly Fajardo keep voting against kids??

Republicans in New Mexico’s House of Representatives claim to put kids first but their actions show differently. Take Rep. Kelly Fajardo for example. Already during this legislative session she’s joined her fellow Republicans on multiple party-line votes against New Mexico’s schoolchildren. In a committee vote this week Fajardo voted against investing in early childhood education for New Mexico’s kids. With that vote, she stood against 66% of New Mexicans who support expanding early childhood services with our state’s permanent fund.

Deep-pocket national GOP groups name NM House takeover a national priority, promise big dollars to fight progressives

Two national Republican groups with deep pockets named a conservative takeover of New Mexico’s State House of Representatives a top priority this week, elevating key house races to national priorities and promising big dollars to support House candidates.  

From NM Telegram:
A conservative Republican group announced it would use money to help Republicans take over control of the state House of Representatives…

The press release said it listed New Mexico as one of its three top spots for Republicans to take over the House, along with West Virginia and Kentucky’s House chambers. Many pundits believe that this year is the Republicans’ best chance in some time to do so. Republicans will have a popular gubernatorial candidate running at the top of the ticket and one of the narrowest Democratic majorities in recent history. The group also outlined which Republican candidates it would help.

Republican Nominees – 2014

New Mexico is inching towards the 2014 Midterm Elections. The New Mexico GOP has come out with this press release on all of their upcoming races. Republican Nominees – 2014

Leadersahip we can rely on! Please use the Candidate information below to familiarize yourself with our republican races around the state. feel free to contact candidates with any inquiry.

Sec. of State targets Dems for investigation; Takes no action on similar issue with Republican Governor

Santa Fe – An Albuquerque Journal inquiry led Republican Secretary of State Dianna Duran to issue complaint letters to three Democrats seeking statewide office yesterday.  But, ProgressNow New Mexico has learned that the Journal made her office aware of a similar violation by Governor Martinez but the Secretary took no action until we got involved. Update: The Secretary of State responded to our inquiry.  See her response in the updates at the end of the post.  

In a story appearing in today’s Albuquerque Journal, UpFront columnist Thom Cole writes:
In response to an inquiry from me, the Secretary of State’s Office said a posting from [Sen.] Lopez on her website violated the prohibition on soliciting political donations during the session…

Again in response to inquiries from me, the Secretary of State’s Office said live donation pages on ActBlue for Morales and Keller were also violations of the session fundraising prohibition. ActBlue is an independent non-partisan organization that permits individuals and campaigns to fundraise online through their third-party platform.   It is most closely associated with progressive causes and Democratic candidates.