#1 – Top 5 Martinez blunders as we begin another legislative session

This is it, the final, #1 example of how the Governor has been derelict in her duties and failed all New Mexicans as a leader and human being. The Governor’s attack on stream access is atrocious because it is one of the most direct examples of pay for play in recent memory, and she took away a right of all New Mexicans, and most didn’t even realize it.

12-Month Supply Contraception Bill Passes in the House

Another win for women: the Health Coverage for Contraception Bill (HB 284) sponsored by Rep. Debbie Armstrong is on its way to the Judiciary Committee. The aim of the measure is to update the state’s existing law to ensure that the full range of contraceptive options is covered by insurance companies without out-of-pocket costs or medically unnecessary restrictions. The bill will improve access to contraception by covering access for both women and men by making it possible for them to acquire a year’s worth of their contraception with one prescription. READ MORE about today’s hearing at the NM Political Report. There are several reproductive bills to watch during the 2017 New Mexico Legislative Session, follow the progress by clicking here.

State Sen. Leader in Hot Water After ProgressNowNM Raises Questions About Campaign Spending

17 May 2012

NM State Sen. William Sharer’s campaign account usage questioned


By Kurt Madar kmadar@daily-times.com, Farmington Daily-Times
Posted:   05/17/2012 01:00:00 AM MDT



FARMINGTON — Republican state Sen. William Sharer of Farmington appears to have violated state campaign finance laws by paying for housing out of his campaign finance account. According to an expenditures and contributions report Sharer filed with the Secretary of State’s office, Sharer paid approximately $4,300 in 2011 and 2012 to property rental company Maez & Co. to rent a condo in Santa Fe during legislative sessions. “He definitely rented during the legislative session,” said Pam Maez, owner of Maez & Co. “According to the lease file, he rented from Jan.