Progressive Women Won Big in New Mexico

On the National level, women made fewer gains than expected in the new Congress, though there are some great stories – including big gains for women of color in the US Senate.  

The number of women of color in the U. S. Senate quadrupled over night.
— Emerge New Mexico (@EmergeNM) November 9, 2016

That’s good news, but not nearly far enough to be equal. In Washington, women make up a meager 20% of members in the House and Senate, combined. With both the House and the Senate in Republican control, the issues and concerns of women are on the table. Here at home, organizations like Emerge NM have been recruiting and training women to run for office to make up the difference.

In spite of Trump, Progressives led Democrats to HUGE victories over governor and GOP agenda in New Mexico

While social media seems almost united in calling last night a “disaster” for Democrats nationwide, but here at home the results were a huge disaster for Governor Martinez and the Republican agenda. The State House is now led by a Democratic majority that includes the largest progressive caucus in history. Governor Martinez is now a lame duck forced to work with a larger caucus of progressives in the State Senate. They will decide which issues and bills define her final years in office. And voters finally sent a competent, responsible person to lead the Secretary of State’s Office.