Pledge to stand with Sens. Udall, Heinrich against these Trump’s nominees

Donald Trump’s nominees are a who’s who of conflicts, billionaires and bigots and each one must be confirmed by the United States Senate.

Democrats have already given many a grilling and slowed the quick nomination processes Trump and Republican Senate leaders wanted. Our own US Senators have been front and center of those fights. Here are just a few whose appointment could mean big trouble for New Mexico.

Watch: Udall, Heinrich grill Trump appointees on climate change, torture, surveillance & Russia

Both of New Mexico’s United States Senators are in a front-and-center role in the work to vet President-elect Trump’s nominees to head our country’s federal agencies. Earlier this week, U.S. Senator Tom Udall pressed the former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson about his position on climate change and whether he will continue his relationship with ExxonMobil if he is confirmed as the nation’s top diplomat.

In the Senate Armed Services Committee, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) questioned President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Defense Retired General James Mattis. Heinrich asked Mattis about the key threats to the security of the United States. Mattis replied, “I would consider the principle threats to start with Russia.”

Trump considers New Mexico’s Heather Wilson for top of national intelligence spot

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of Heather Wilson, she was expected to show up at Trump Tower today to talk to Team Trump about leading our nation’s sprawling intelligence apparatus. NM Political Report: Heather Wilson in contact with Trump team over possible administration position

ProgressNow NM readers will remember Wilson for her connection to a “register a dog to vote” stunt ProgressNow uncovered in 2012.  During her unsuccessful run for US Senate, the husband of a Wilson campaign staffer registered their family dog to vote, as a Democrat, to prove that voter fraud could occur.  It proved that he could be prosecuted for it after ProgressNow outed the owners’ connections to Wilson’s campaign. Read more: Wilson’s staff linked to attempted voter fraud scandal

Wilson is a Republican with a long history in New Mexico politics.

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Donald Trump’s nominees to lead his administration set a dangerous precedent for our country and New Mexico. Led by alt-right, White supremacist advisors at the helm, nominees like these bring loads of conflicts and ideological beliefs that threaten to destroy our country’s basic institutions, further divide our country and erode opportunity for working families of all persuasions. Earlier this month, Senator Tom Udall summed up the new challenge and importance of focussing our efforts on Washington over the next few weeks:
“This is not the time to weaken our position in Washington. President-elect Trump has proposed policies with respect to health care, constitutional rights, immigration, privatizing public lands, and foreign policy that could be devastating to the citizens of New Mexico. When I was elected to the Senate, I committed to standing up in Washington for New Mexico families to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get ahead and their needs never take a back seat to wealthy special interests.

Heinrich: Trump will take public lands “over my dead body”

As President-Elect, Donald Trump is wasting no time filling his administration with hardliners pro-corporate, anti– (well, most anything progressive) leadership (they are also all white guys, have you noticed?). With a White Nationalist as a chief advisor and an attorney general who was rejected for a federal judgeship because of racists remarks, what else could they do to reverse centuries of progress in just four years? Turning over control of national parks and public lands to a corporate big oil tycoon, for one; and New Mexico’s Senator Martin Heinrich isn’t having it. This tweet from Heinrich is getting a lot of attention: 

What has him all riled up?  Probably this note from Huffington Post:
WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump is just starting to arrange the team that will advise him and implement his policy agenda.

In spite of Trump, Progressives led Democrats to HUGE victories over governor and GOP agenda in New Mexico

While social media seems almost united in calling last night a “disaster” for Democrats nationwide, but here at home the results were a huge disaster for Governor Martinez and the Republican agenda. The State House is now led by a Democratic majority that includes the largest progressive caucus in history. Governor Martinez is now a lame duck forced to work with a larger caucus of progressives in the State Senate. They will decide which issues and bills define her final years in office. And voters finally sent a competent, responsible person to lead the Secretary of State’s Office.

A new New Mexico movement to pass smart gun laws starts now

Earlier this week, I asked our staff “Can ProgressNow help to  build a new coalition of progressive voters who actually asked candidates about their plans to keep guns out of the hands of children and bad people, and will those voters share that info with their friends and family before election day?” They thought so and they built a campaign to test that idea with a few key supporters. Our test got a good response, but then something unexpected happened in DC that made it even bigger: Congress did something! Just as we launched our new campaign, Senator Heinrich joined a bi-partisan group of Senators to announce a new Senate bill to prevent terrorists from buying firearms.
Then Cong. Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan Grisham joined the #SitIn to demand a vote on a similar bill in the House (Sen. Udall even joined them!)


WATCH/UPDATE: Sen. Heinrich cited for working
over weekend to craft new anti-terrorist gun access bill
ProgressNowNM | June 23, 2016

READ MORE: NM Dems take part in
‘#NoFlyNoBuy’ sit-in
NM Political Report | June 23, 2016 

New Mexicans love seeing our elected leaders take a stand and that’s just what our new campaign is encouraging our state legislators to do.

WATCH/UPDATE: Sen. Heinrich cited for working over weekend to craft new anti-terrorist gun access bill

New Mexico’s Senator Martin Heinrich got a big shout out today from Senate leaders announcing a new Senate gun violence prevention bill expected to be voted on later this week. Sen. Susan Collins (D-Maine), the chief sponsor of the new bill restricting access to guns for terrorists, made a point to call out Heinrich in announcing the new bill. “Sen. Heinrich worked so hard on this bill.  He and I must have exchanged at least 30 phone calls and text messages on this over the weekend,” she said. Heinrich called the gun violence debate as feeling like “groundhog day” in Congress.

Heinrich: Make today “TRUMP-FREE DAY!”

New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich has used email and social media to call out the dangerous and divisive tactics and language some of the right wing’s loudest voices are using to get attention. His post calling for the US Dept. of Justice to prosecute “armed extremists” occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon received hundreds of shares. Now he’s turning his efforts to Donald Trump. Sen. Heinrich has declared today a “TRUMP-FREE DAY!”.

New Mexicans tell GOP Senators to #DoYourJob

Dozens of New Mexicans descended on UNM’s Main Campus in Albuquerque Thursday with a simple message to Republican Senators in Congress:  Do Your Job. Members of Organizers for Action’s New Mexico chapter set up cutouts of Supreme Court justices, letting attendees take selfies and post their own message to Senate Republicans and thank you messages to New Mexico’s Senators, both Democrats, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich. “The American people deserve a judicial system that works — and the Senate must stop the obstruction, do their job and keep the Supreme Court fully functional. With over 300 days remaining in President Obama’s term, there is more than enough time for the Senate to hold hearings and give an up or down vote,” co-organizer Judy Smith said.  “Thank you New Mexico Senators!”