New Momentum: Progressives win big in New Mexico!

Whether you were Ready for Hillary or Feelin’ the Bern, there is no denying the impact a competitive race of ideas had on Democratic voters last night. You probably already heard  about record-breaking turnout across New Mexico. But did you notice something else? A whole new class of progressive leaders carried the day, bolstered by big progressive turnout in all 33 counties! In the toughest races, you helped us step up for progressive champions and 70 % of candidates supported by ProgressNow’s Progressive Champions PAC won their race!

Top 5 BEST things from #NMLEG 2016

Yesterday we ran through our “Top 5 WORST things from #NMLEG 2016.”

Though bad bills and bad actors were plentiful this year, there were also a lot of great things to look back on from the progressive point-of-view. Today we’re taking a look at the top 5 best things to happen in #NMLEG 2016. #5
Progressive champions in the House
Despite being in the minority, progressives in the House put forth a valiant effort this year to advance some key policies to help our kids, our economy, our education system, our voting systems, and much more. Here’s just a small sampling of these champions:

Rep. Bill McCamley had a bill to equalize the tax code in the state so that people earning most of their income from capital gains would pay the same rate as those who work hourly. “The bill would have increased the state’s Working Families Tax Credit from 10 percent of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit to 20 percent.”

Rep. Jeff Steinborn got his bill to the governor’s desk – which he’s sponsored for years now – to allow some 17 year olds to participate in primary elections.

These leaders are fighting for NM’s working families. Thank them!

As more and more stories come out about how New Mexico’s conservative “small-government” government officials are overseeing an economy where businesses are closing, unemployment is the nation’s highest, poverty is rising, and child well-being indicators are in the dirt, it’s important to know who is pushing back and standing up for New Mexico’s working families. “UTC Aerospace to close in ABQ; 150 to lose jobs” [Read]
“Major call center in Rio Rancho to close, costing 400 jobs” [Read]
“Caterpillar to close Santa Fe plant, lay off 50 workers by year’s end” [Read]
“New Mexico had highest Nov. unemployment rate in the nation” [Read]
“NM 49th in child well-being again: What will it take to make change?” [Read]
The differences between conservative and progressive priorities have been starkly contrasted over the past few days. Last weekend every House Republican voted against freezing the 2013 corporate income tax cuts that are phasing in year-to-year and costing state coffers millions in potential dollars — dollars we desperately need to fund Medicaid, public schools, public safety, and infrastructure. Tuesday night House Republicans voted for a bill (HB 200) to slash wages 30% for construction workers.

#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 03-12-15

As the 2015 legislative session marches on, economic issues are playing a major role. The contrast between conservative and progressive principles regarding economic development can be seen in numerous bills. Progressives have introduced legislation to raise the minimum wage, increase job training programs, increase teacher salaries, increase tax credits for working families, cap predatory loan interest rates, and create more tax fairness throughout the state (among many others). (By the way, every one of those bills has met fierce resistance from conservatives in the legislature.)

Conservatives have focused (predictably) on bills that reflect their you’re-on-your-own economic ideology, leaving working families out to dry in favor of bolstering the profits of special interests and big out-of-state corporations. Reducing unemployment insurance benefits, resisting minimum wage increases, making it harder for disabled workers to receive compensation, anti-worker “right-to-work” bills, and reducing corporate income tax rates have all been conservative hallmarks during this session.

#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 02-19-15 & 2-20-15

Here are some great happenings from the NM Senate over the last few days regarding a new jobs package and a bill to raise teacher salaries. Here’s what the Senate Democrats had to say Thursday about their “Ready to Work” jobs package:
“Democratic leaders in the New Mexico Senate today announced an ambitious package of legislation that would create 73,000 new jobs and stimulate economic growth. The Democrats’ ‘Ready to Work’ Jobs Package contains more than 40 bills introduced in the current Session that address the need for more employment and economic activity in urban and rural areas of the state, across a broad range of occupations.  Democrats contrasted their legislative priorities with the Governor’s agenda of passing measures that they characterized as “symbolic”, including so-called right-to-work and other measures. “Today we articulated our vision of the kind of actions we can take in this Legislative Session to build a better New Mexico.

Senate Shake-Up Prompts Leadership Change for Dems

Elections have consequences, and for some those consequences are pretty nice.   State Sen. Tim Keller (D) won election to State Auditor leaving his International District (ABQ) seat vacant. Bernalillo County Commissioners announced last week their intent to appoint State Rep. Mimi Stewart (D-21) to Keller’s senate seat when he takes on his new role in January. (The commission is expected to take up the appointment for Stewart’s seat late this week). Keller was also the Senate Majority Whip for the Democratic caucus and his departure left an opening for another senator to assume that role.