Martinez is 6th “least popular” gov in the country: What do the falling approval numbers actually mean?

This week, a national polling company released findings showing that Governor Susana Martinez, already the two-time recipient of “worst run state” award, is now also the 6th LEAST popular governor in the country. This after her approval rating has dropped a full ten points since the beginning of this year. As Martinez moves into the final year of her governorship, it’s really not hard to look back over the last seven years and find a litany of blunders, bad policy, and downright criminal behavior. Not to mention the infamous Pizza Party that brought worldwide attention, unfortunately, to Martinez and the state. But what is it about this year that has New Mexicans fully pulling their support from the two-term Republican even as her party has taken the highest seats in government?

[Poll] New Mexicans give state's school worst marks in country while Martinez proclaims success

A new poll by the non-partisan Gallup research firm found that New Mexicans rate our state’s education system among the worst in the nation, despite Governor Martinez’s insistence that her education reforms are working and supported by New Mexicans. In her first campaign ad of the 2014 election (see here), released just yesterday, Martinez proclaimed how her plans to retain and brand third graders with bad reading scores were working to improve our education system. Gallup’s poll indicates that just 41% of state residents rate our schools positively while just 51% believe they prepare our students for jobs.  Martinez ran on a platform to improve our schools but New Mexicans don’t seem to believe her proposals to add more testing, larger class sizes and fewer educators are doing that. From the Gallup release:


April 9, 2014, by Susan Sorenson and Stephanie Kafka

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nearly nine in 10 North Dakotans rate the quality of their state’s public K-12 education as excellent or good — the highest ratings nationwide.