A NM Progressive’s Guide to Watching Trump’s RNC Debacle (with Tweets!)

Now that Melania Trump has given Michelle Obama’s convention speech and an underwear model/soap opera star has explained how he knows that President Obama is “absolutely a Muslim,”  what’s next for Donald Trump’s RNC? A full day of all that crazy would have some thinking twice, but not New Mexico’s Republicans reports the Albuquerque Journal. “New Mexico delegates stand with Trump” was the front-page headline after Day 1 of the Cleveland Circus this week. Speeches on Day 1 highlighted the GOP’s commitment to helping “Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, the poor, and the middle class.” Naturally, we know better and we aren’t letting that record go unchecked. Here’s your guide to Fact Checking Donald Trump’s Republican Convention, complete with New Mexico examples.

Trump: Susana Martinez “not doing the job”

Donald Trump’s first New Mexico rally is making headlines this morning.  After peaceful protesters packed up their signs and headed to early voting locations, Donald Trump took the stage and gave his own impressions of New Mexico and the governor in charge. Trump:
Since 2000 the number of people on food stamps in New Mexico has tripled. We have to get your governor to get going. She has to do a better job.

Smiling Gov. Martinez poses to accept award for… Putting corporations over people 

Governor Martinez is the head honcho of the National Republican Governor’s Association and this week she brought her fellow GOP governors (and some very well connected lobbyists and conservative donors) to the swanky Tamaya resort at Santa Ana. And this time, before they filled up their room block at the hotel, some local progressive families and activists got a room. 

So, of course, things got fun!  
Their room reservations got them a pass to get through the line of big black SUVs and burly security officers. Organizers with the Southwest Organizing Project and OLÈ bumped into Governor Martinez and presented her with a very special award – and she posed for a picture!   https://twitter.com/olenewmexico/status/732589971555524609 
Hats off to the SWOPistas and OLÈ!

Under oath, state employees say Martinez officials ordered them to change papers to deny food stamps to hungry, poor

“In a scene of high drama reminiscent of the TV drama “Law and Order,” three prominent state Human Services Department officials invoked their fifth amendment rights nearly 100 times in federal court Friday afternoon…” A huge new scandal – this time with potential criminal implications – erupted in a Las Cruces courtroom on Friday as a series of Martinez administration officials refused to answer questions under oath in federal court about whether they were directed to change food stamp applications to deny help to children, families and seniors out of food and out of help. Under oath in the civil hearing, they had two choices: say it didn’t happen or avoid answering the question by admitting that doing so might implicate them in criminal fraud or other actions. We know Governor Martinez doesn’t get it and, quite frankly, too many New Mexicans give her a pass on decisions that put struggling families farther and farther behind. We’re not letting that happen again. 
This story has been blowing up our Facebook and website since it was first reported by the NM Political Report, so I came in on a Saturday to get an update and share with our members.

The top 5 WORST things from #NMLEG 2016

It’s almost here; the final day of the 2016 legislature. As always, the battles inside the Roundhouse this year were hard fought. Sadly, though, the trend of New Mexico Republicans being completely and laughably out-of-touch with the needs of ordinary New Mexicans continued unabated this year. From new Secretary of State candidate Rep. Nora Espinoza trying to legalize discrimination and gut wages for construction workers, to male Republican lawmakers trying to insert the government into private decisions about women’s reproductive health, to a House committee chairman claiming that people in New Mexico don’t understand real poverty (!), Republican legislators proved again this year that they’re living in a different universe. But guess what?

New Mex. now ‘worst-run state’ in America. Thanks, Gov.

Well, it’s official.  

Five years into Susana Martinez’s “bold change” of state government, New Mexico now has the “worst-run” state in America.  


That’s not another report on New Mexico’s education challenges, expanding poverty or shrinking population. Wall St 24/7 looked at how the state’s leaders are managing the state to solve those problems – and they failed.  

So what has changed?

Senator Martin Heinrich Addresses the #NMLEG

Did you miss US Senator Martin Heinrich’s address to a joint session of the New Mexico Legislature yesterday? We won’t fault you if you did — after all, the other addresses from our federal delegation came much earlier during the session. And a lot has happened since then. Heinrich’s speech touched on early childhood education, STEM jobs, poverty in New Mexico, economic development, federal lands transfers, and a host of other issues. But if you missed Sen. Heinrich’s speech, have no fear. Here it is in its entirety:
Distinguished members of the New Mexico Senate, the House of Representatives, Governor Martinez, Lieutenant Governor Sanchez, President Pro-Tem Papen, Speaker Tripp, tribal leaders, and honored guests: it is an honor to join you today.

Alan Webber Delivers a Call to Action

2014 gubernatorial candidate Alan Webber excited progressive passions during last year’s campaign, even though he didn’t receive the Democratic nomination. Alan Webber’s voice was a breath of fresh air on the New Mexico political scene and he represented quite a threat to Governor Martinez’s failed agenda (the onslaught of ads and opposition research deployed by the Martinez machine during the Democratic primary is evidence of that). Martinez knew Webber represented a strong, progressive threat to her policies and thus did everything she could to quell his campaign in the early stages. Even though Mr. Webber lost his primary battle, he’s only become more active in the political scene since last year. Below is a recent email he sent to his supporters informing them about legislative goings-on and offering his own analysis of the problems and solutions New Mexicans are facing.

The Sequestration of New Mexico’s Middle Class and Low Income Families


The Sequestration of New Mexico’s Middle Class and Low Income Families
Those who have the least will pay the most. 

Unless Congressional Republicans agree to a compromise soon, New Mexico will lose more than $41 million for state-wide federal-funded programs in 2013 alone. This amount is in addition to wide defense cuts from $150 to $500 million.  $41 million is a lot in a state like New Mexico – some 8% of our current federal aid.  What’s more, it’s drawn from some of the most important programs: education, healthcare, and employment services; essential investments in our quality of life and our children’s future.  These losses translate into fewer teachers, decreased job training programs, and less support for those New Mexicans most in need.  It isn’t fair and it isn’t right. Due to the inability of Congressional Republicans to make any compromises on tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of Americans last winter, a Sequestration process was outlined and will go into effect in January of 2013.  Sequestration is a process that will result in $109.3 billion nationally in automatic cuts every year until 2021.