For Dems, Lt. Governor race is still a toss-up, but GOP and Libs are locked in

ProgressNow New Mexico will be looking at some top-level races more in-depth over the next few weeks to bring our perspective to the key races we’re expecting to see in New Mexico this year. New Mexico is in the national spotlight as one of the “most likely to flip” states in terms of our governor’s race. Our series will focus on the offices that New Mexicans can vote for statewide. This is the third piece in our series. The position of Lt. Governor can seem pretty inglorious compared to other statewide positions with specific duties as Secretary of State or Attorney General.

New Momentum: Progressives win big in New Mexico!

Whether you were Ready for Hillary or Feelin’ the Bern, there is no denying the impact a competitive race of ideas had on Democratic voters last night. You probably already heard  about record-breaking turnout across New Mexico. But did you notice something else? A whole new class of progressive leaders carried the day, bolstered by big progressive turnout in all 33 counties! In the toughest races, you helped us step up for progressive champions and 70 % of candidates supported by ProgressNow’s Progressive Champions PAC won their race!