We just beat Steve Pearce 3 times at the ballot box. Here’s how we make it 4…

Three times now, a Super PAC founded by our New Mexico’s Tea Party Congressman Steve Pearce has poured last minute ads into local races to pack city councils, school boards and local conservation districts with Pearce proteges. 
And three times we’ve beaten him with grassroots donors, progressive candidates, and our quick response Progressive Champions PAC fighting back. A few weeks ago, we sent the alert that Pearce was targeting two great progressive conservation champions, Craig Fenske and Kevin Bixby, in a local conservation district election in Doña Ana County.  Their opponents endorsed Pearce’s agenda to shrink the nearby national monument and oppose responsible BLM public lands policies. With just 5 days before the election, we fought back.  Our online reports, voter guide and ‘get out the vote’ videos were shared 565 times and were read by 2,556 voters just before the election!

They tried to shut down our election ads (and lost). Now we’re making more!@

What’s that old saying?  If you can’t beat the message, attack the messenger. That’s what’s happened when our PAC – Progressive Champions – went on the air with new ads profiling about the real consequences and serious ethical challenges of the candidates Gov. Martinez’s million-dollar Super PAC is promoting (fracking in your neighborhood? Double-dipping with campaign dollars?)

After our first ads went on the air, the Chairwoman of the State Republican Party went to the Secretary of State saying they violated the law (the first step in having them taken off the air and diverting donation money for ads into fines and legal fees). via GIPHY
But there was one problem: the Republican Party got the law wrong and the Secretary of State set her straight.