2018 Progressive Action Summit – It’s here get your tickets now

Look forward to breakout sessions that touch on topics like “alternative” approaches to economic development, race class and gender in politics, tapping the permanent fund for early childhood education, approaching New Mexico’s opioid epidemic, and how to be a good neighbor to Albuquerque’s unsheltered populations, just to name a few.

Enjoy opening remarks by some of New Mexico’s progressive champions – leaders who have helped to assure accountability in our election processes, improve opportunities for our youth, and pushed for real growth of New Mexico’s economy. At lunch, you’ll hear from Gubernatorial candidates as to why they’re right for your vote and for our state. Needless to say, there will not be a dull moment on January 20th. Tickets will sell and sell fast – don’t wait to buy yours at the door.

#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 02-04-15

House Democrats today held a press conference highlighting their Economic Security Package — a group of bills that will spur economic growth and protect working families throughout the state. One of those bills, Democratic Minority Leader Brian Egolf’s “Small Business Development Fund Act” (HB 28), would create a $100 million Small Business Development Fund that would work with community banks on economic development projects throughout the state. Here’s a synopsis of HB 28 from the Legislative Finance Committee:
House Bill 28 is the Small Business Development Fund Act; it creates the Small Business Development Fund (Fund), a board of directors with staggered terms, and allows up to $100 million from the severance tax permanent fund to be invested in the Small Business Development Fund to participate in loans with community banks for economic development projects. Up to $5 million of that investment may be used to establish and operate the Fund. The remainder shall be used to fund the loan program as set forth by the act.