Lt. Governor takes page out of anti-abortion extremist playbook

There is an old saying in Spanish: “Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.” It translates roughly to “tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are.” This past week Lt. Governor John Sanchez took to Facebook to make it extremely clear who he’s with. In a Facebook post (see below), Sanchez continued the dangerous and blatantly false rhetoric that anti-abortion extremists have been using to describe the Congressional witch-hunt against clinics and medical institutions across the country and in our own state.  

Contrary to Sanchez’s version of the facts, these hearings, like the previous three investigating Planned Parenthood, have found no evidence of wrongdoing. Like the investigation he references, Lt. Governor Sanchez’s claims are baseless.

Gov's Campaign Manager calls anti-Martinez protestors "pieces of s*it!"

Susana Martinez’s high-profile campaign manager came under fire from the right-wing base this weekend after he confronted a group of anti-Martinez protestors and called them “pieces of shit,” according to organizers of the event. Here’s how it went down:  conservative anti-abortion groups have publicly called for Governor Martinez’s resignation after she refused to become involved in 20-week abortion ban campaign they promoted in Albuquerque last fall (Martinez has long said that she is pro-life). This weekend, organizers took their anti-Martinez protest to the neighborhood where her campaign manager, Jay McCleskey, lives.  From the public sidewalk in front of his home, they lined up with anti-Martinez signs and messages opposing abortion and held a public prayer vigil.  

Shortly after announcing the protest, Fr.