Gov. Martinez goes on trial in Santa Fe

The trial of Santa Fe Reporter vs. Governor Susana Martinez (D-101-CV-201302328) is finally underway in Santa Fe District Court. At the core of the issue: did Governor Martinez and her staff retaliate against news outlets not favorable to her by delaying or ignoring their public records requests and requests for comments? The suit alleges that the governor’s office stopped responding to Santa Fe Reporter questions and requests after the paper published excerpts from the governor’s private emails with cabinet officials and campaign members discussing public business. Joey Peters, then a reporter for the SFR, apparently recorded a phone call with Gov. Martinez in which he asked her about the SFR’s problems getting a response.

Dona Ana District Attorney says Orlando, staff deleted public records

Dona Ana County’s District Attorney released a report Tuesday alleging that the former district attorney, Amy Orlando, and key staff of her and Susana Martinez’s administration systematically attempted to delete emails and public records, and sabotage border prosecution programs being handed off to D’Antonio, a Democrat who defeated Martinez’s appointee, Amy Orlando.  From the press release:

Third Judicial District Attorney, Mark D’Antonio released an “Administrative InvestigativeReport” of missing e
-mails and destruction of computer hard drives by former District Attorneyemployees. The Report was prompted by difficulty encountered in the District Attorney’s office responding to a request made under the Inspection of
Public Records Act (IPRA). Mr. D’Antonio issued the following statement:

“It is the policy of my office to respond quickly and thoroughly to public records requests made by any citizen. Unfortunately, we have not been able to comply with a recent IPRA request for e-mail correspondence because it appears that e-mails related to District Attorney business have been intentionally deleted and hard drives may have been destroyed by the prior administration…” Read the full press release here. The report says the office brought in forensic analysts from the FBI in an attempt to recover the deleted emails.