Millions March For Our Lives nationwide – New Mexico turns out for gun safety

Rallies associated with the March For Our Lives movement organized by students affected by gun violence may have surpassed already record-setting rallies that have been happening ever since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Perhaps even more important and impressive is that it is likely one of the largest collective movements of young people since the iconic anti-war protests of the Vietnam era. 

New Mexicans joined by the thousands across the state, with especially large turnouts in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. In Las Cruces where students were out of school for spring break, an impromptu rally was still organized after the beginning of the week saw armed pro-gun advocates take over a city council meeting specifically to derail a proposed resolution on school safety as it relates to firearms. Even Silver City students held a rally that was well attended. 

Some students from Aztec High School were able to travel to Washington DC and participate in the national rally as well as speak with Senator Martin Heinrich about gun safety. Heinrich has publically denounced the National Rifle Association and called for better and smarter gun regulations and even written an Op-Ed piece about his former relationship with the NRA. While the NRA hasn’t rated me for this election yet, if my work in the Senate to pass gun violence reform hasn’t earned me an F rating, I suspect this post will. And that’s fine by me. -Sen. Martin Heinrich
New Mexico remains a state with relatively few gun laws on the books overall.

Public Lands Rally 2017: Public Lands are NOT for sale in New Mexico

Over 500 New Mexicans rallied around the Capital in support of Public Lands on Wednesday, brought together by the threats of Trump administration supporters who are calling for federal lands to be sold off to the highest bidder.

The overwhelming response from those in attendance and the legislators who spoke in the rotunda: Not in New Mexico.

Five New Mexico Cities Host Women’s Marches This Saturday: What You Need to Know

What began as a Facebook event invite and a response to the now imminent inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump has quickly turned into a viral, global grassroots movement and an international day of resistance. The Women’s March on Washington launches in five days with a New Mexico delegation to represent the progressives marching here at home. New Mexico is doing its part and you can participate. On Saturday, January 21, millions of people will gather in cities across the United States and in international locations in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington D.C. In every state in the Union, more than 370 peaceful, inclusive, gatherings are playing host to an estimated 735,070 marchers and participants. Here’s what you need to know to participate in the marches happening in our state.

Nasty Women’s Day of Action

We agree with Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico – politicians have absolutely zero business interfering with the personal medical decisions and choices of individuals and families. After you early vote on Saturday, October 29, head over to Planned Parenthood’s San Mateo location for a rally and a day of action to show you are aligned with all New Mexicans making their own health care decisions. The rally begins at 9 am and goes until 10 am, (arrive a few minutes early to park, and get signed in). After the rally, to join Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico until 1 pm for their day of action! PPVNM will be phone banking and canvassing to get out the vote and to provide info about their endorsements!

The actual Trump protest was nothing like the one you saw on the news

Donald Trump’s brand of bigotry came to New Mexico Tuesday, prompting plenty of Burqueños to gather downtown for an alternative event, #LoveTrumpsHate. Some local and national press refocused on a handful of people at events after the Trump rally and put the day in a bad light, but the event attended by hundreds of families and community members was a peaceful, fun event. Albuquerque Police later tweeted that protesters were gone when things got rowdy. Here’s a quick look at the actual protest, families and all.  

A sign-making table

An impromptu parade…