[WATCH] National Monument supporters tout nearly 100,000 comments in support of Organ Mountains

Over 97,000 individual comments were submitted to Trump’s secretary of the interior in support of current the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument designation, organizers announced on Monday as the comment period closed. ProgressNow New Mexico activists added more than 1,340 in the final weeks of the comment period.  PNNM worked with conservation groups around the state to help spread the word and add your story to those comments as well. Related: Comment pages overwhelmed in final hours, Final day to comment on national monuments designation | NM Political Report
PNNM also live-streamed the event from the Monument entrance on Monday:

Rumors of Secretary Zinke coming to visit New Mexico’s national monuments have been swirling since an exchange last month between he and Senator Martin Heinrich in a hearing. Our hope is that with the level of support for national monuments from around the state and a first-hand account will make an impact that even Zinke can’t ignore. The other elephant in the room is Monday’s announcement that Congressman Steve Pearce will be leaving behind his congressional seat in 2018 to run for Governor of New Mexico.

[CALL NOW] Steve Pearce joins fringe radicals calling for obliterating national monuments

By this point, the news that Rep. Steve Pearce (NM02) has done something bad when it comes to America’s public lands is hardly earth shattering. So, imagine our surprise when it became known over the holiday weekend that Pearce joined with 17 radical tea-party Republicans calling on Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for the complete (nearly) undoing of national monuments all across the western United States. via GIPHY

Members of the so-called Western Caucus have for years been trying to dismantle land designations that protect important cultural and environmental resources within the 11 western states that compose the majority of land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Led by stalwart Industry supporters like Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, the Western Caucus has pushed back against national monuments, wilderness, and supported extreme radicals like Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his ilk. 

But what is a little surprising is this: Even this group of nearly 70 representatives has never gone so far as to call for the complete dismantling of protected public lands with such detail oriented calculation. Under their plan, the following monuments would be reduced or completely removed:

But Pearce and just 16 out of over 70 members signed onto the letter calling on Zinke to shrink or completely remove up to 30 national monuments across the West.

Congress is about to go on break, are you ready for more town halls?

Congress is set to be off for quite a bit of the month of April. According to the Washington Post, the House is only scheduled to be in session for EIGHT days this month. With all that time off, it’s likely we’ll see some of New Mexico’s congressional delegation back home and talking with constituents. Find events near you: ProgressNowNM’s Statewide Progressive Events Calendar
While we’re generally pretty happy with the job our congressional delegation is doing in Washington, it’s always good to be aware of what key issues our congress people and senators are working on. And in southern New Mexico especially, holding Rep. Steve Pearce accountable for the LACK of representation he gives us is absolutely key.

You’ll never guess why Steve Pearce voted to shut down the Defense Department

One member of New Mexico’s Congressional delegation voted against funding the Defense Department and pay raises for our military, and it’s probably not the one you think. Fresh off of a successful re-election bid, Southern New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce proceeded back to DC to vote against the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 (NDAA), a bill containing fiscal authorization for all of our country’s defense efforts and pay raises for our military. Pearce’s vote apparently came in opposition to provisions in the bill that would have also protected 250,000 in (already) public lands in New Mexico from exploitation by special interests angling to log and drill our public lands. In a statement before the vote, Senators Udall and Heinrich proudly noted, “[the Senators] successfully fought to include provisions to designate the Columbine-Hondo as wilderness, transition the Valles Caldera National Preserve to new management to increase public access, and establish the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.”

Pearce, a self-made oil and gas millionaire, on the other hand, has made it his mission to “reverse this trend of public ownership of lands.”   A video from CPAC, the nation’s largest conservative conference, features Pearce explaining to other conservatives how Utah Congressman Rob Bishop and himself were lobbying Mitt Romney to sell drilling and mining rights on federal public lands to states if elected president. courtesy ThinkProgress.org

Just before the election in 2012, The Nation reported that Romney’s energy platform, which included the Pearce-Bishop proposal, would open oil and gas drilling permiting on federal lands to state regulators.

[VIDEO] Pearce scampers away and hides behind closed-doors when he meets DREAMers

Last month we helped make news exposing Steve Pearce’s two-faced comments about Central America.  Even though it was too dangerous for him and his fellow Congressmen to leave their hotel, Pearce concluded that children should immediately be sent back to their home countries because they were perfectly safe. Even Steven Colbert got in on the act. Now Congressman Pearce has taken his animosity towards Latino immigrants to a whole new level. Before a Republican Party event last night in Downtown Albuquerque, several DREAMers and local immigration advocates attempted to talk to Steve Pearce about his votes.