[Action Alert] Tell NM Senate Republicans: Women are not Corporations

If you’ve been watching this year’s legislative session like we have, you know that Republican craziness has been on full display. But nothing has been so absurd as what happened late yesterday. Senator Bill Sharer (the same senator who dresses like a leprechaun in the Senate and who you’ll remember from previous years who threatened to shut down the senate over LGBT recognition day and got caught misusing campaign funds to pay his personal rent) rallied every single Republican state senator to vote in favor of referring an important women’s abortion bill to the Corporations and Transportation Committee. Nothing says ‘we respect women’ like sending important health care bills to the committee that regulates elevator safety and cattle taxes (that’s SB405 and SB232, if you’re interested). Let’s make one thing clear: Women are Not Corporations and their health care decisions shouldn’t be debated by corporate CEOs and trucking companies.

Investigation: Gov’s top prosecutor tipped off Martinez campaign manager to criminal investigation into Republican voter registration

Update (Sept. 29, 2014: We filed our complaint with the Attorney General’s Office last month, before the public reports of deleted emails came to light. Today, AG King announced an afternoon press conference to update the investigation:

Preliminary information received by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office in reference to apparent destruction of state records in the 3rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office appears not to be the result of an inadvertent clerical error or policy but rather the planned intentional destruction of vital government records. Attorney General Gary King will make a statement at 4 PM today. On October 28, 2010 Republican Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez was on the edge of victory in her campaign for governor in an election that many in the Republican Party was sure signaled a new day of prominence in a state long led by Democrats.

Dianna Duran’s campaign painted over “Republican” on her signs. Her volunteers tell us why they don’t want anyone to know she’s from the GOP

This past weekend we ended up in tiny Lincoln, New Mexico for their annual Billy the Kid Days festival (If you get a chance, go.  It’s a lot of fun and the people there are some of New Mexico’s nicest).   The former county seat of Lincoln County, Lincoln and the surrounding communities are home base for New Mexico’s Republican Party. Safely conservative ground, Democrats did not even field a candidate in recent primaries in the state house race in District 56, for county clerk, county treasurer or any of the three local magistrate judge races. So it struck us as odd that the campaign signs and giveaways for Dianna Duran’s re-election for secretary of state never mentioned that she is one of the Republican Party’s two highest-ranking statewide officials.  

We snapped these shots of the Duran campaign’s all-terrain campaign buggy after we noticed that someone had painted over parts of the sign.