Obama orders action on gun violence, GOPers freak

“Just because it’s hard, that’s no excuse not to try” – President Obama


Following President Obama’s impassioned speech earlier today on reducing gun violence by enacting a series of Executive Orders, some of New Mexico’s federal congressional delegation is weighing in. Unsurprisingly, Republican Rep. Steve Pearce continued his NRA-tainted rhetoric filled with fear mongering about Americans “not feeling safe in our homes.” (Read Pearce’s statement HERE.)

Pearce is one of the top ten recipients of money from the NRA and other pro-gun lobby groups. He has collected nearly $113,000 from pro-gun groups during his time in Congress. (Read our report on Pearce’s silence on gun violence issues while taking loads of money from the gun lobby HERE.) Unsurprisingly again, Pearce has an “A” rating from the NRA. Though out-of-touch politicians like Pearce may be fuming today, President Obama’s orders are very much in line with what polling suggests Americans want in terms of common sense gun legislations.