5 Big Ways Trump’s Government Shutdown Will Impact New Mexico on Day 1

President Donald Trump wants his 100th day in office to be memorable.  That milestone comes this weekend, but it might not be memorable for the reasons he wants. Funding for the Federal government ends on Friday and Trump is demanding that Congress pass a budget extension to fund two key campaign promises: building a border wall and billions in new military spending at the expense of state department and domestic programs.

If his big push goes anything like his Obamacare repeal, Trump won’t get his budget and that means Trump’s 100th day could be day 1 of a government shutdown. Top Trump officials push border wall as government shutdown looms https://t.co/YDMhPLBVPv pic.twitter.com/KLgACrZptG
— The Hill (@thehill) April 23, 2017

Earlier this month our own Gov. Martinez threw a fit and threatened a government shutdown if she didn’t get the budget bill she wanted. Now Trump is following suit, so we wanted to see what a shutdown would mean for New Mexicans.

Heather Wilson Attempts to Re-Write History

Heather Wilson Attempts to Re-Write History
Senate hopeful and Karl Rove’s friend Heather Wilson is in the process of re-writing her own history, hoping that nobody will notice that she’s outright lying. BuzzFeed, NM Telegram and others today report that “Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson says she’s never supported privatizing Social Security, but her record indicates an openness to doing just that. “In a Facebook post Monday, the New Mexico Senate candidate wrote that she’s always opposed efforts to privatize the public insurance program.” Source: facebook.com
Well, ProgressNow New Mexico can add a bundle of extra evidence to prove that Wilson is now trying to cover up her work with the Bush Administration to privatize Social Security, showing that she is bald-face lying.  Here’s a selection:
·       Wilson Advocates Gradually Moving To A System Of “Personalized” Retirement Accounts. [Albuquerque Journal, 10/8/00]
o   “[Wilson] advocates gradually moving to a system of ‘personalized’ retirement accounts that allows Generation Xers and younger people to determine how some of their Social Security money is invested.