How Not to do Media Relations

Governor’s media man gives lesson in how not to conduct media relations while simultaneously shedding light on the vindictive behind-the-scenes operations of the Martinez political machine. Like the petulant child who can’t take criticism without crying, Gov. Martinez and the people comprising her administration let pettiness and hurt feelings dictate many of their day-to-day actions. It’s no secret that Martinez doesn’t take criticism well – just look at the vehemence with which she came after whistleblowers within her own ranks or how her lawyers attempted to stifle our free speech or how her machine basically bought the recent APS school board race by backing outspoken Martinez critic Kathy Korte’s opponent. When your entire governing strategy is just a ladder rung on your climb to the national stage, every imagined slight is cause for concern. But another fascinating insight into how the Martinez political machine operates was laid bare yesterday in the Santa Fe New Mexican.