More of Martinez’s crony capitalism exposed

A report last week announced that, “New Mexico’s economy is stagnant, largely because of the state’s reputation for corruption and crony capitalism and an environment that fosters pay to play behavior.” Now, there’s yet another story about Susana Martinez’s shady dealings, this time about her using her political power to bail out a big campaign donor. Crony capitalism at its finest worst. New Mexico’s reputation has taken a hit in many ways under Martinez’s administration, but perceptions of deep-seated corruption have been present from her very first day in office. Perceptions turned into proven reality starting last year as Martinez’s Tax and Revenue secretary began to be investigated, her friend Dianna Duran became a convicted felon, and her top-advisor came under FBI scrutiny.

UPDATE: Conservative PAC $$ Continues to Flow into NM

The new finance reports are out and conservative PAC spending continues to dominate New Mexico’s political landscape. In June, you may recall, we released a report on the expansive network of conservative PAC spending in NM that the Journal’s Thom Cole overlooked in his article about Democratic PAC spending. (Incredulously, Mr. Cole ended his report by stating that, “Republicans don’t appear to have a similar large web of interacting PACs.” As our report showed, nothing could be farther from the truth.)

For years, we at ProgressNow New Mexico have tracked the influence of right-wing money throughout New Mexico. In our report linked to above, we tracked a shady network of eight Republican-backed PACs who spent more than $216,000 for Republican candidates since January alone.