Take our quiz: “Who said it?” Donald Trump or Steve Pearce

Steve Pearce has said some crazy things in his term as New Mexico’s hardline conservative member of Congress, but today’s announcement may be his craziest yet. Pearce told the Associated Press today that he’d back Donald Trump for president if Trump can win the nomination.  Don’t believe us? Read the story here. That announcement got us to thinking: is there really any difference between Trump and Pierce?

BREAKING: Judge quashes recall complaint against Las Cruces councilors; Recall petition failed to get enough signatures

A few weeks ago, ProgressNow NM launched a legal defense fund to represent Las Cruces city councilors targeted for recall by a Tea Party activist group upset over the council’s recent vote to raise the minimum wage. Their initial recall attempt came up short and hundreds of residents asked the clerk to remove their names after allegations surfaced that petitioners paid by the recall organizers had used deceptive tactics to obtain some signatures. After the city clerk announced that the recall had come up short, organizers filed an action in District Court demanding a recount and certification of the recall, including those names of voters who had filed complaints and sought to remove their signatures. At the request of the councilors, we launched a legal defense fund to support local attorney Peter Goodman.  Maureen Sanders, Kate Girard and Brian Moore sought to intervene on behalf of Councilor Gill Sorg (and other councilors who were similarly situated).

Election Notice for Dona Ana County: May 5, Dona Ana Cty Soil & Water Conservation District

From our PAC, Better NM:
Election Notice for Dona Ana County

Quick Quiz: Which is a better use of taxpayer dollars by our elected officials? A)   Passing resolutions opposing a UN takeover of the United States and black helicopter invasion. B)   Conserving Doña Ana County’s land and water to provide for flood control, preserve wildlife, protect the tax base and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of Doña Ana County.  

If you chose “B” then you need to vote.  

That’s the mission of the Soil and Water Conservation District but Option A is what the district’s elected supervisors have spent the last few years doing – and they tried to raise our takes to give them more money and power to do it.

Right-wing watch: US Army lists NM as “hostile,” sets invasion plans; TX Gov orders National Guard to investigate

Will someone please ask Steve Pearce if he believes the Pentagon is about to invade Clovis? And will Susana Martinez follow the lead of Texas’ governor and deploy the National Guard to stop it? Those are serious questions right-wing conspiracy theorists are asking to Congressmen and governors across the Southwest. Earlier this month, right-wing “news” outlets worked conspiracy theorists into a frenzy over the ISIS camp they had discovered on the Mexico border.  Terrorists based there were set to invade Columbus, New Mexico, reports said, and that prompted alarmist conservatives to press their favorite Congressmen (they are all men) to investigate.

Top 10 Xenophobic Moments from New Mexico’s right-wing leaders

It seems like conservatives always need to wage a war on someone somewhere. Whether that’s their longstanding war on women or their new war on refugee children – they just can’t seem to help themselves. Credit Steve Pearce’s latest immigration gaffes for getting us thinking about  what our local GOP has done in their war on immigrants in the past few years, and we found some obscene things. We compiled the top 10 xenophobic moments from New Mexico’s right-wing. What is it with the GOP and their hate of immigrants?

Shame on Steve Pearce. Children Pearce demanded be deported killed upon arrival in Honduras.

Shame on Steve Pearce.  

The LA Times is now reporting that innocent children deported back to violent neighborhoods from safe harbors in our country are being murdered upon return. “There are many youngsters who only three days after they’ve been deported are killed, shot by a firearm,” said Hector Hernandez, who runs the morgue in San Pedro Sula. “They return just to die.” At least five, perhaps as many as 10, of the 42 children slain here since February had been recently deported from the U.S., Hernandez said.

NM GOP Civil War Goes On. Lackluster Party Funding Replaced by PAC Spending by Super Rich

If you are looking for evidence of the decline of the influence of actual people and parties in conservative politics, look no further than the current internal battle inside the New Mexico Republican Party.State Rep. Zach Cook, a reliable conservative vote from Southeast New Mexico, lobbed the first public bomb last week with an open letter criticizing GOP State Chair John Billingsley and the outside influence of rich donors who set up a Super PAC to defeat him in the recent Republican primary in Lincoln County.During the legislative session this year, a consultant of [NM GOP Chairman] John Billingsley’s openly bragged to Republican legislators that they were going to “primary” members who opposed Billingsley.  They bragged that they had a donor who would spend whatever it takes in these primaries.  When filing day came around, just like Billingsley’s operative promised, I had a primary opponent. My opponent is a close friend of Billingsley, and interestingly enough, his biggest campaign donor was none other than the state party finance chair! The state party finance chair not only gave my opponent thousands of dollars, he also did exactly what Billingsley’s consultant threatened—he started a shadowy super-PAC to falsely attack me.  According to public finance reports, the state party finance chair contributed over $60,000 to defeat me in the primary! – Rep. Zach Cook in a public letter.While party officials and insiders are raising and spending money going against each other, they are apparently doing little to shore up the state party to go up against Democrats in the elections at hand.   While noting that rich party insiders spent plenty of money through “shadowy” Super PACs, Cook points out that the state party has less than $25,000 on hand to support both statewide and federal campaigns.Donation levels to the state Republican Party have sagged in recent years, and the party reported having just $16,882 in its state campaign account and $7,108 in its federal campaign account as of its most recent filings. – Albuquerque Journal, Aug. 14. 2014On the other side, donations to SuperPACs and social welfare groups on the right have exploded.

Dianna Duran’s campaign painted over “Republican” on her signs. Her volunteers tell us why they don’t want anyone to know she’s from the GOP

This past weekend we ended up in tiny Lincoln, New Mexico for their annual Billy the Kid Days festival (If you get a chance, go.  It’s a lot of fun and the people there are some of New Mexico’s nicest).   The former county seat of Lincoln County, Lincoln and the surrounding communities are home base for New Mexico’s Republican Party. Safely conservative ground, Democrats did not even field a candidate in recent primaries in the state house race in District 56, for county clerk, county treasurer or any of the three local magistrate judge races. So it struck us as odd that the campaign signs and giveaways for Dianna Duran’s re-election for secretary of state never mentioned that she is one of the Republican Party’s two highest-ranking statewide officials.  

We snapped these shots of the Duran campaign’s all-terrain campaign buggy after we noticed that someone had painted over parts of the sign.

How popular is the Tea Party in your county? A new report might surprise you, New Mexico

How popular is the Tea Party in New Mexico?  More popular than in many states and more popular than you may think. A political data firm who helped the Obama campaign analyze voter data for President Obama’s historic 2008 election, recently analyzed tea party favorability in every US county for a recent project. HaystaqDNA found that Tea Party support is strongest in western states, including New Mexico, with one New Mexico county reporting a favorable view by more than 1/2 of residents.   A half-dozen more showed favorability ratings just near that number.

NM GOP Copy-Pastes from Koch Playbook. Literally.

The latest RPNM email blast is a straight copy-paste of Koch’s opinion piece, illustrating how closely aligned the Republican Party (both national and state) is with the Koch Brothers’ ideals of unimpeded government de-regulation, the promotion of pseudo-science to justify continued dependence on dirty energy, and a maniacal obsession on gutting health care reforms (using lies and half-truths).