[BREAKING] Gov. Martinez’ bad week keeps getting worse: vetoed bills on hemp, internet, and STEM classes now law

After being accused of stealing a hamburger from a Santa Fe eatery earlier this week, Governor Susana Martinez just received even more bad news. The ten bills she vetoed without cause earlier this year just formally became law. This is great news for the citizens of New Mexico. Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver released the following statement today, addressing her formal “chaptering” of these new laws effective immediately. 
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2017

Toulouse Oliver Chapters 10 Bills Improperly Vetoed During 2017 Legislative Session

SANTA FE – Earlier today, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver was notified that District Court Judge Sarah Singleton has denied Governor Susana Martinez’s request to stay pending appeal the chaptering of ten bills that the Governor improperly vetoed during the 2017 legislative session. Upon receiving the ten bills from the House and Senate Clerks this morning, Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver has chaptered all ten bills. “As ordered by the Court, my office has swiftly chaptered all ten of the bills that the Court determined were improperly vetoed during the 2017 legislative session,” said Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver.

Water and public safety projects get the axe as Gov.’s vetoes continue to sting

Last week, Gov. Susana Martinez nixed over $8 million in capital outlay spending, meaning there’s now $8 million less being pumped into New Mexico’s economy than there otherwise could be. And some counties will feel the pain harder than others. Most of the projects vetoed by Martinez were projects sponsored by Democrats or co-sponsored by high profile Democrats. Only 9%, or 14 projects total, that went under the knife were sponsored by Republican lawmakers. New Mexico is a large state geographically (5th largest in the U.S.) and although high density populations are centered in some cities, outlying communities near cities were seriously undercut by the governor’s vetoes this year.

Gov. OK’s $1 million in new gun ranges, axes detox/homeless shelter

Governor Martinez used her veto pen today to kill more than 150 already paid-for public projects across the state.  That’s a big headline on it’s own; but it’s even more relevant when we compare a few of the things she did, and didn’t, veto from the state budget. For the third time in four years, Governor Martinez vetoed critical state funding for the only detox and homeless shelter in the Gallup region. 25 people have died from alcohol-related exposure deaths there over the past two winters, KOB TV recently reported. Senators Udall and Heinrich stepped up to help find federal funding to fill the gap left by the governor’s veto last year. This year’s funding would have provided shelter and detox services into next winter, but this veto leaves funding uncertain for the many alcohol-dependent and homeless New Mexicans in the area where alcoholism and homelessness exceed the state and national average by several times.  A Democratic state legislator has inserted the appropriation, in different forms, for the past four years.