[Sign Thank You Card] Maggie Toulouse Oliver says ‘no’ to giving our personal voter data to Trump’s sham panel

Maggie Toulouse Oliver was among the first secretaries of state to say no a request from Trump’s sham voter fraud panel for the personal social security numbers, voter history and personal data of more than a million New Mexico voters. At least a dozen chief elections officers around the country have since joined. “I will never release the personally identifiable information of New Mexico voters protected by law, including their social security number and birthdate. Further, I will not release any other voter information like names, addresses or voting history unless and until I am convinced the information will not be used for nefarious or unlawful purposes, and only if I am provided a clear plan for how it will be secured. As New Mexico’s Chief Election Official, I will continue to ensure the integrity of our elections while protecting the voting rights and personal privacy of our voters.”


When President Trump announced his Advisory Commission on Election Integrity earlier this year, Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver released this statement:


“If President Trump truly wants to boost Americans’ confidence in the integrity of our elections, he should stop making false claims of rampant voter fraud.   President Trump’s voter fraud allegations are simply not true and they are doing real damage to our democracy.

New Mexico Republican proves voter fraud happens by committing it; Plea in NM Court avoids prosecution by Atty General

Even though Fox News would have you believe that every other Democrat voted under their dead grandpa’s name in Barack Obama’s last election, a recent study found that UFO sightings are more common than actual instances of voter fraud. Given that fact, perhaps it is appropriate that the state which boasts the country’s most infamous UFO crash landing is also home to a real actual case of voter fraud.  Oh, and it was committed by a Republican. Again. 68-year old Eugene Victor of Corrales pled no contest to voter fraud this week to avoid prosecution by Attorney General Hector Balderas.

Data breaches, Chinese hackers, Big Brother, and other reasons to fear a biometric voter ID bill

“Voters should not have to trade their privacy and biological data in order to participate in democracy.” – Dave Maass, Electronic Frontier Foundation

The perennial push for enacting a mandatory photo voter ID law will hit the New Mexico Legislature very soon, possibly this week (it’s the only major piece of controversial Republican legislation yet to have had a hearing). Secretary of State Diana Duran made NM’s lack of such a law a centerpiece of her 2014 re-election bid and bills have already been filed that would mandate voters obtain photo identification in order to exercise their democratic rights. Conservatives have become obsessed with these laws in recent years, making a huge push across many states to enact them. Despite the fact that voter fraud is statistically non-existent and such laws inevitably reduce voter turnout (especially among young people, the elderly, and minorities), the right-wing has made mandatory photo voter ID laws a cornerstone of their governing strategy. The last thing NM needs is lower voter turnout. Electoral participation in NM’s 2014 general election was among the lowest in history and just a few weeks ago there was a school board election in Hagerman, NM in which not one person voted.

We found voter fraud in New Mexico (but it’s not where you think)

Republicans can’t wait to find voter fraud somewhere.  It justifies their racist attempts to suppress the votes of people who don’t vote like they do.  

Last night the US Supreme Court halted a drastic Voter ID law in Wisconsin and a federal judge in Texas called the state’s new Voter ID law a “poll tax” and ruled there had been motivated by a racist attempt to keep black and Latino voters away from the polls.  

Republicans claimed these new laws would stop voter fraud – but the courts know better.  

But some people just won’t give up, including our own Secretary of State, Dianna Duran.  

Yesterday, the Santa Fe Reporter reported that notorious Republican lawyer Pat Rogers is hosting a fundraiser for Duran.  Two peas in the “voter fraud” pod.