Progressive candidates win big in NM across the ballot, defeat GOP PAC $ at every level!

Yesterday’s primary voting has wrapped up and we now have a clear vision of which candidates will be on the November ballots. Progressives gained at least two seats against less ideal incumbents and statewide turned out to support candidates in high numbers. While there were quite a few races available to voters from the three major parties to vote in statewide, we’ll only be featuring those races with contested primaries. For a complete look at every race from yesterday, click here:

Let’s get right down to it! Governor

For the Democrats, Michelle Lujan Grisham won with 66% of the vote statewide.

#ProtectOurVote – Resources for Election Day

Our free and open elections are the envy of the world and problems on Election Day are rare. Still, we know that voter intimidation — and other problems — at the polls is a possibility. While trained poll watchers will be deployed throughout New Mexico on Election Day, everyone should be aware of how to protect your vote and how to access resources if you have problems voting. 

Below you’ll find resources you can use — like hotlines staffed with lawyers and election experts — if you or anyone you know encounters problems voting. Also, there are talking points here that you can use to push back on claims of “rigged” elections and other baseless claims like voter fraud. RESOURCES
Four toll free hotlines will be operated on Election Day 6:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. These hotlines will not only help voters with locating their polls but are also able to answer questions or report problems:
866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) for English
888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682) for Spanish
1-888-API-VOTE (888-274-8683) for Asian voters
1-844-418-1682 for Arab American Voters
Polling locations may also be found at or contact the County Clerk’s office, or the Secretary of State website:

Intimidation consists of inducing or attempting to induce fear in any member of the precinct board, voter, challenger or watcher by use of or threatened use of force, violence, infliction of damage, harm or loss or any form of economic retaliation upon a voter, precinct board member, challenger or watcher for the purpose of impeding or preventing the free exercise of voting or the impartial administration of the election.

Nasty Women’s Day of Action

We agree with Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico – politicians have absolutely zero business interfering with the personal medical decisions and choices of individuals and families. After you early vote on Saturday, October 29, head over to Planned Parenthood’s San Mateo location for a rally and a day of action to show you are aligned with all New Mexicans making their own health care decisions. The rally begins at 9 am and goes until 10 am, (arrive a few minutes early to park, and get signed in). After the rally, to join Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico until 1 pm for their day of action! PPVNM will be phone banking and canvassing to get out the vote and to provide info about their endorsements!

Hillary vs. The Donald: FINAL SHOWDOWN

ProgressNow New Mexico and Planned Parenthood Votes NM join forces to bring you the FINAL SHOWDOWN between presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump. DON’T MISS This MUST-SEE TV event, LARGEST debate party in New Mexico, and the final debate in the race for the White House! WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19th 5:30- 9:30pm! (The debate begins at 7pm sharp!) Get to Dialogue Brewing,1501 1st Street NW on the early side – find a great seat, have dinner and a beer before the games begin! 

The Democratic and Republican nominees for president face off at 7pm in their final attempt to win your vote, a mere THREE WEEKS before ELECTION DAY! Expect a lively debate at the lovely indoor/outdoor beer garden at Dialogue!

Mischievous Movida Moves Mandatory Photo Voter ID

The chairman of the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee pulled a surprise move this morning, quickly recalling and then passing a strict mandatory photo voter ID bill that was not on the agenda.  He did it while several Democratic opponents were out of the room dealing with other bills, which left Republicans with the ability to pass the bill without forceful opposition. Last month, the HGEIAC Committee had previously tabled (killed) House Bill 340, sponsored by Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R-Otero), in favor of a compromise bill Chairman Jim Smith co-sponsored with Democratic Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto and supported by the state’s county clerks. One bill advances, another tabled in voter ID discussion | NM Political Report | Feb. 21, 2015
The House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee voted to pass one bill related to voter ID, while the more strict version was tabled.

#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 02-11-15

Rep. Jeff Steinborn has emerged as one of the Legislature’s most ardent proponents of election modernization and voting rights during his tenure in the Roundhouse. Rep. Steinborn has previously passed a law to allow 16 and 17 year olds to work at polling sites during the election process and in 2013 passed a bill through the House that would’ve allowed 17 year old to vote in primary elections (it died in the Senate). Keeping with his established background as a voting rights advocate, Rep. Steinborn has introduced a number of bills this year to increase electoral participation. Two of those bills were heard today in the House Government, Elections, and Indian Affairs Committee – one to establish the ability for voters to register at early voting sites and one to allow 17 year-olds (who will be 18 by Election Day) to vote in primaries. According to the Legislative Finance Committee, Rep. Steinborn’s HB 150 — “Voter Registration and Early Voting Sites” — “would allow qualified electors to register to vote at any early voting center during primary and general elections.” The public policy organization Demos did a great analysis a couple years back about the advantages of same-day voter registration.