Facts for POTUS: a NM perspective on POTUS “all of the above” energy visit to NM

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NM Facts, Figures & Quotes puts local perspective on


POTUS energy visit to SE NM




A New Mexico perspective on President Obama’s “all of the above” energy visit to SE NM




Today, President Obama kicks off a national tour touting his “all of the above” energy policies at a solar facility in Boulder City, Nevada and an oil field near Carlsbad, New Mexico.




The tour comes as domestic oil drilling reached an all-time record and oil production reached at eight year high. Renewable energy has also doubled since President Obama has been in office. America has even become a net-exporter of petroleum products, sending American produced oil to other countries. The boom in domestic energy production undercuts arguments by critics that the President’s conservation policies on public lands are somehow responsible for high gas prices at the pump.




ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson recently stated that oil speculation and world events are driving up the current price at the pump. Both Goldman Sachs and ExxonMobil stated that speculation drove up gas prices this time last year. And while Americans struggle to pay for the cost of high energy prices, the oil and gas industry made nearly $137 billion in profits.







About energy development in New Mexico:




    • Oil production in New Mexico is at its highest level in more than a decade, reaching 70,261 thousand barrels in 2011.


    • Oil and gas drilling activity in New Mexico is up 27 percent from last year and has recovered to pre-recession levels.


    • Clean energy such as wind, solar, and energy efficiency employs 35,800 people in New Mexico.




How the oil and gas industry underutilizes its current access to public lands:










Attitudes in New Mexico about energy development and public lands:




This past January 2012, Colorado College released its second annual “Conservation in the West Poll.” Following are a few highlighted results about the attitudes of New Mexicans on energy and public lands.




    • 80 percent of voters view having a strong economy and protections for New Mexico’s land and water as compatible with each other.




    • Voters reject the idea that reducing regulations creates jobs. In particular, 73 percent of New Mexican voters think that the state should maintain industry regulations that protect land, air, and water in their state.




    • 66 percent of New Mexicans say America’s national energy policy should prioritize expansion use of clean, homegrown, renewable energy like solar and wind; 70 percent believe it renewable energy sources like wind and solar will create new jobs in New Mexico.




    • 60 percent felt that development of public lands by private companies should not limit the public’s ability to access and enjoy these lands.