"Dear Colleagues: I quit ALEC!" NM legislators begin ALEC exodus after ProgressNow call to action

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Senator George Munoz becomes the first NM legislator to resign from ALEC

New Mexico’s ALEC Delegation* 

House of Representatives

Rep. Paul Bandy (R-3)

Rep. Jimmie Hall (R-28)

Rep. William Gray (R-54

Rep. Nate Gentry (R-30)

Rep. Rick L. Little (R-53

Rep. Alonzo Baldonado (R-8)

Rep. Dennis Roch (R-67)

Rep. Nora Espinoza (R-59)

Rep. Larry A. Larranaga (R-27)

Rep. William R. Rehm (R-31)

Rep. Anna M. Crook (R-64)

Rep. James R.J. Strickler (R-2)

Rep. Thomas A. Anderson (R-29)

Rep. Dennis J. Kintigh (R-57)


Sen. Sander Rue (R-23)

Sen. George K. Munoz (D-4) RESIGNED!

Sen. William E. Sharer (R-1)

Sen. Mark L. Boitano (R-18)

Sen. Vernon Asbill (R-34

Sen. Sue Beffort (R-19)

Sen. William H. Payne (R-20)

Sen. Rod Adair (R-33)

*Source: Sourcewatch.org

“Dear Colleagues: I quit ALEC!”:  NM legislators begin the ALEC exodus

Earlier this week, ProgressNow NM challenged all of New Mexico’s state legislators to join legislators and companies across the country in denouncing ALEC, the shadowy corporate special interest group behind legislation like the deadly “Stand Your Ground” laws and voter suppression laws across the country.

To date, twelve household name companies, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co, Kraft and Mars have abruptly canceled their memberships in ALEC, as have many state legislators across the country.

Just today, State Senator George Munoz, answered our call and became the first NM legislator to dump ALEC.

(Read his “Dear Colleagues” letter below)

The tide is turning!  

Yesterday, Senator John Sapien, who we reported in January was being courted to join ALEC, responded to our challenge by turning down their invite and told his colleagues “…it is time for relationships with ALEC to be reconsidered.  The suggested solutions to issues in which ALEC has supported are not right for New Mexicans.”

Senator Sapien, an independent State Farm Insurance agent, also called on State Farm to divest from the conservative policy group.  He is the first State Farm agent we are aware of to do so publicly and nationally.

(full text of his statement below)

These actions matter!  New Mexico still has 21 publicly identified members of ALEC – they know you are watching, and they need to hear your voice!



 Please click here to send an email to all of our ALEC members telling them to “dump ALEC now!”

It is becoming increasingly clear that New Mexicans do not want their lawmakers at the beck and call of a corporate-backed, out-of-state lobbying organization and we hope that you will join the growing chorus of this important democratic movement. Will you?


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ProgressNow NM is also tracking legislators who answered our call by saying “I’m not a member, and never will be!”   Watch the blog and your inbox for more info.

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 Senator Sapien says “NO” to ALEC and calls out State Farm to resign as well:

Senator George Munoz becomes the first NM legislator to resign from ALEC: NM Sen Munoz resigns from ALEC!