Wilson to gays: I don’t care if it gets better.

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Wilson to gays: I don’t care if it gets better.


Remember those “It Gets Better” videos?


Thousands of people across the country, from President Obama to Lady Gaga, have created powerfully inspirational videos telling LGBTQ youth that no one deserves to be bullied for who they are.


That message of hope inspired millions of people throughout the world toWilsonBully.jpgchange their attitudes for the better. But not Senate candidate Heather Wilson.


During a recent debate, Wilson was asked whether she would support legislation that protects students from the painful bullying that has led so many youths to tragically take their own lives.


Heather Wilson’s response: “There are things I’m willing to tolerate.”


As many as 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because they are bullied.  9 out of 10 LGBTQ teens report being bullied at school.  And an estimated 1,300+ of the more than 4,400 annual teen suicides are the result of anti-gay bullying.


While Heater Wilson is willing to tolerate such bullying and the consequences that go with it, I’m NOT!


EmailStand up to Heather Wilson! Click here to send her an email and tell her that bullying is not something we should tolerate; it’s something we should stop. 




Taking a stand against the harmful practice of bullying is how things will get better, not by merely tolerating it.


Stand up to Heather Wilson and tell her our kids deserve better.




P.S. — It’s no surprise that Heather Wilson is standing up for bullies.  In congress, she tried to bully former US Attorney David Iglesias into indicting Democrats to help her win an election.  When that didn’t work, she teamed up with Karl Rove and the Bush White House into having Iglesias fired.  Bullies like Wilson can’t be tolerated.  Send Heather Wilson a message that New Mexico won’t tolerate her extreme views.