Wiener to Female Constituent: “go irritate someone else”

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Wiener to Female Constituent: “go irritate someone else”


-your male bosses “need to improve their hiring policies”




Albuquerque – ProgressNow New Mexico has obtained Facebook posts and messages showing embattled Commissioner Michael Wiener in full attack on a female constituent in his Bernalillo County district.


After Wiener said “… to hell with the ACLU” in September 2011 one of his female constituents posted on an Albuquerque news station’s Facebook page “Michael Weiner  [sic] does NOT represent me or my interests for his statement…”


Instead of us recapping the conversation, we think you should read it for yourself.




After criticizing the constituent for misspelling his name, he misspells “would” and appears to compare the woman to a cow.


In messages provided to ProgressNow NM, the conversation continued by private message where Wiener tells his female constituent “….drink some more of that liberal koolaide [sic] and head back to work at [REDACTED] – Mike and Joe and Peter need to improve their hiring policies and be more careful who they allow to hang a license on their wall.”   Wiener is apparently referring to the three male supervisors in her office.





Though the constituent granted ProgressNow NM permission to share the post, we opted to redact the name and profile photo of the poster to protect her privacy.


Contact information for the Facebook user is available from PNNM for credentialed members of the media wishing to confirm the posts.



In recent years, Michael Wiener has come under increased criticism for inappropriate actions as a public official, particularly for statements and actions against women and minorities.  We chronicled those issues, and his latest problems in a previous posts.



    • In 2010, he forwarded a racist and homophobic email about African-Americans in prison to county employees, including those overseeing jail operations.


    • In 2011, a female county employee accused him of sexual harassment after he made in appropriate comments to her as she was working in her office. A county investigation later found that the comments were “inappropriate” but there was insufficient evidence to conclude that sexual harassment had occurred.


    • And, now in 2012, Wiener was photographed by a journalist in the Philippines posing with scantily clad young Asian women in an internationally notorious sex-trafficking destination.


Our Opinion


Bernalillo County has had enough of Michael Wiener’s exploits. It’s not bad enough that he is exposing his true colors as a self-righteous and disrespectful man, but his refusal to resign his office in the face of such clear opposition drags the rest of the people in this county down with him.


We all get to make isolated mistakes. But as we dig into Wiener’s history and actions, it becomes increasingly clear that the isolated incidents in his life which have become public and questionable are far from isolated.



It is clear from his posts that he believes he can make such bold public attacks on women because Republican voters protect him. It’s time for Republicans, both leaders and voters, to do more than just issue statements.  They need to get Michael Wiener out of office.