Wilson Campaign Ads Whitewash “Corrupt” Washington Career

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17 May 2012
by Alex Curtas



Wilson Campaign Ads Whitewash “Corrupt” Washington Career



ALBUQUERQUE – The Heather Wilson for Senate campaign continues its attempt to whitewash Wilson’s decade-long tenure as a Washington politician with the release of the second consecutive campaign ad failing to mention Wilson’s previous career as a “most corrupt member of congress.”




The campaign has released two consecutive political advertisements that fail to mention her decade-long tenure as a Washington politician. The advertisements – “Always” and “Cliff” – attempt to position Wilson as a Washington outsider who will combat the corrupting influence of career politicians. What is not mentioned, however, is that Wilson herself was named one of Washington’s “most corrupt members of congress” and maintains deep connections to Washington power circles, forged by her years in congress coupled with her status as a D.C. resident, her role as a lobbyist, and her position as a board member of an influential super-PAC.




This list briefly details a few of the aspects the Wilson campaign has failed to mention about Heather Wilson’s deeply seated role as a Washington insider:




    • Wilson has owned and lived in a residence in Northwest Washington D.C. for over 15 years.






    • Wilson served in congress for over a decade and was named one of the “Most Corrupt” members of congress by the independent government accountability group Citizens for Ethics and Accountability in Washington.






    • After Wilson’s departure from congress in 2009, she remained connected to D.C., serving as a board member of Crossroads GPS, the Republican super-PAC created by Karl Rove and headquartered in D.C.






    • After leaving congress in 2009, Wilson was employed as a D.C.-based chief lobbyist for North Eastern Aeronautical, Inc., a research and development firm located outside of D.C. that specializes in drone aircraft.




Despite the Wilson campaign’s attempts to forget about her connections to Washington, the people of New Mexico will not. It is crucial that New Mexican’s have all the facts about the people who wish to represent them.


ProgressNow NM has created an interactive map of Heather Wilson’s frequent DC haunts, including her home in NW DC, the home of DC neighbor Karl Rove, headquarters of the SuperPAC Wilson helped to lead and Wilson’s lobbying employer.


Roll your mouse over the interactive picture, or visit this site to learn more about Wilson’s Washington connections.  Click each icon for more information and links to original sources.