ProgressNow NM is Holding Heather Wilson Accountable, Even From 3,000 Miles Away

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18 May 2012



ProgressNow NM is Holding Heather Wilson Accountable,
Even From 3,000 Miles Away


Heather Wilson was in New York City yesterday fundraising with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a posh restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We reported on the irony of the fundraiser earlier this week. The irony lies in the fact that Wilson recently came out against anti-bullying legislation while Gov. Christie recently signed the nation’s toughest anti-bullying law.


While the fundraiser did not receive much media attention, ProgressNow New Mexico wrote to the Times of Trenton in order to inform New Jersey citizens of the contrary stances on bullying Wilson and Christie seem to hold. The letter appeared in the Times of Trenton yesterday and is reprinted below.


(You can also view the letter by clicking on this link.)







Enlighten candidate about bullying


Gov. Chris Christie is the featured guest at a fundraiser in New York City this evening for U.S. Senate hopeful Heather Wilson of New Mexico.


Ms. Wilson was recently asked if she would support legislation – the Student Non-Discrimination Act – that protects students from the painful and dangerous practice of bullying. She responded that there are some things she would “tolerate” that she wouldn’t approve of, and she came out against the anti-bullying legislation because, for example, she thinks it would “punish children” for expressing an “opinion with respect to homosexuality in the schools.”


Such crass statements run contrary to common sense and conflict with other politicians in her party, such as Gov. Christie and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, who have signed legislation to curb this awful practice. Mr. Christie recently signed the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, giving New Jersey students the comfort of knowing that their education will be free of harassment and intimidation.


Let’s hope Gov. Christie will impress upon his colleague the moral importance of standing behind student safety and send Ms. Wilson back to New Mexico with an appreciation of those Garden State values.


— Alex Curtas,
Albuquerque, N.M.
The writer is the research and special projects director for the nonprofit, nonpartisan ProgressNow New Mexico.