It’s a bumpy ride for New Mexico with Susana Martinez behind the wheel

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by Zoe Wilson-Meyers, special to PNnm.


When Governor Susana Martinez sold the state jet in January she said there was no need to fly. She told KRQE that she would rather drive when needed around the state.


“I have a car desk in the back seat,” she said during her interview with News 13. “I get lots of work [done] in the back seat. There’s no need to be flying.”


Despite her public statements she seems perfectly happy traveling in luxury private planes to avoid public scrutiny.  Unfortunately for the governor, her latest flight back to Santa Fe from a campaign event became newsworthy last night when the private plane, piloted by Republican donor, Sid Strebeck, landed without landing gear.


Who is Sid Strebeck? We know that he owns a private plane and that he has been involved in several lawsuits for shady business deals. A lawsuit that Ford Credit Co. filed against Strebeck involved $6 million worth of improper selling or trading of vehicles. In another case, Strebeck was sued for allegedly misrepresenting his finances in a Utah software deal.


Martinez’ bumpy landing seems an appropriate end to her already bumpy political junket in Eastern New Mexico where she was greeted by criticism from party insiders for manipulating the state senate race with her fifth floor advisor, Jay McCleskey.