Santa Fe dentist makes ALEC work for him

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Santa Fe dentist makes ALEC work for him

Dentist’s radio ad encourages patients to dump companies that won’t dump ALEC

by Pat Davis, ProgressNow NM

Santa Fe – How do you know that an issue has really permeated the public conversation? When creative people capitalize on it, of course!

For ALEC, the corporate super-lobbying group responsible for Florida’s deadly “shoot first” legislation and hundreds of other corporate-written bills secreted through legislatures across the country, that moment came this week in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A popular Santa Fe dentist recently cut a radio ad telling customers that he had informed his insurancecompany, State Farm, to drop ALEC or he was dropping them.  And, what’s more, he is telling his customers to do the same.

And it doesn’t stop there.  The thirty-second ad doesn’t mention how clean your teeth will be (though there is no doubt that they will) or how much children enjoy visiting his office (they do).  Instead, the ad explains why ALEC is bad, calls out State Farm -his insurance company for 30 years – for being a member and then tells listeners how they, like him, can drop State Farm since they won’t drop ALEC.  He even points listeners to to learn more!

The unapologetically progressive dentist’s office is well known as a Northern New Mexico political hotspot. In addition to finding plenty of political conversation with fellow patients in the lobby before your appointment, you can be sure that Dr. Leslie Lakind is just as engaging during your time in the dentist’s chair.  While your mouth is full of probing instruments and cotton gauze, Dr. Lakind catches you up on the latest in politics you might have been too busy to miss.  Like ALEC.

And, his patients don’t seem to mind.  As you will hear from the ad, Dr. Lakind donates half of the cost of a new dental exam to a non-profit of your choice (like, ProgressNow NM Education Fund. Hint. Hint.) A visit to this dentist’s office is informative and does the community good.

We recently ran into Dr. Lakind at a Santa Fe event.  Hearing about the ad, we wondered if his very public political stances had cost him any customers over the years.  No, he told us.  He has more patients than he can take and a quick survey of the two dozen or so in attendance found that more than ¾ were patients.

Like the ad says, businesses should encourage customers to support businesses which share their values.  And being anti-ALEC is a good value for local businesses to share.

If you think there is no good use for ALEC, think again.   It’s hip to be anti-ALEC, and noting says “screw you ALEC” better than turning their own for-profit non-profit exploits into profits of your own.   

Play-Normal-icon.pngListen to the ad for yourself by clicking the play button to the left. Then, visit to learn more about Dr. Lakind.