Heather Wilson Attempts to Re-Write History

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Heather Wilson Attempts to Re-Write History

Senate hopeful and Karl Rove’s friend Heather Wilson is in the process of re-writing her own history, hoping that nobody will notice that she’s outright lying.

BuzzFeed, NM Telegram and others today report that “Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson says she’s never supported privatizing Social Security, but her record indicates an openness to doing just that.

“In a Facebook post Monday, the New Mexico Senate candidate wrote that she’s always opposed efforts to privatize the public insurance program.”


Source: facebook.com

Well, ProgressNow New Mexico can add a bundle of extra evidence to prove that Wilson is now trying to cover up her work with the Bush Administration to privatize Social Security, showing that she is bald-face lying.  Here’s a selection:

·       Wilson Advocates Gradually Moving To A System Of “Personalized” Retirement Accounts. [Albuquerque Journal, 10/8/00]

o   “[Wilson] advocates gradually moving to a system of ‘personalized’ retirement accounts that allows Generation Xers and younger people to determine how some of their Social Security money is invested. She wants to leave the current Social Security system alone.”

·       Wilson Supported “Personalizing” Social Security. [Associated Press, 1/9/99]

o    “an account that you’ve been paying into your whole working life is yours – or in some way yours, with your name on it, which is not the way it is now… But at the same time it should remain a social insurance program, not a stock option fund. It is the safety net.”

·       Wilson In 1999: “Consider The Partial ‘Personalization’ Of Social Security.[Federal News Service, 3/3/99]

o   I do believe we should consider the partial ‘personalization’ of Social Security for those who want to and are in their early working life. A small percentage of their Social Security contributions could be put into an account in their name, similar to the federal employees retirement system. As Mr. Greenspan has testified before other committees, any investment strategy must include enough incentive for each American to monitor his or her own investment – and the ability to have some control over that investment.

·       Wilson Supported Partially-Private Social Security Accounts. [Albuquerque Journal, 9/9/98]

o   “Wilson favors going to a system of ‘personalized’ Social Security accounts that allow people to invest some of their savings in the stock market. Critics say banking the nation’s retirement money on the stock market is too risky and is meant to benefit Wall Street, not workers.”

·       Wilson Supported Personal Social Security Accounts.  [Albuquerque Tribune, 7/27/98]

o    “Wilson said the key to establishing these personal savings accounts within a federally controlled system is making sure there is enough revenue to support the program without raising taxes. The budget surplus is the best way to do that, she said. Wilson said using the annual budget surplus, which is projected at $63 million this year alone, to ensure the personal account system’s success would be a better use of the extra revenue than giving people a tax cut.”

·       Wilson Supported Investing In Personal Accounts For Social Security. [Albuquerque Journal, 6/15/98]

o   “Wilson, meanwhile, wants to allow younger workers to take some of their Social Security payments and invest them through personal accounts. She also said some of the budget surplus should be used to bulwark Social Security, as well as to provide ‘a modest tax cut.'”

·       Wilson Supported a “Personalized” Phase-In Approach to Deal With Social Security. [Albuquerque Tribune, 6/13/98]

o   “Wilson favors a ‘personalized’ phase-in approach to deal with the Social Security trust fund. She said a gradual shift in investment strategy would address the problems, while keeping the fund safe from the often-volatil
e stock market. ‘We must address the problem of Social Security this year and next year to make sure that it is solvent for the long term,’ Wilson said. ‘There is no one in the country, no one who has proposed that kind of investment in the stock market with your social insurance program,’ Wilson said of Maloof’s plan.”


·       Wilson Supported Using Budget Surplus to Keep Social Security and Medicare Solvent; Suggested “Personalized Pension Funds.” [Albuquerque Tribune, 5/29/98]

o   “The projected budget surplus should be used to make sure Social Security and Medicare are solvent. I support innovative approaches that would allow working people to put at least some of their Social Security payments into personalized pension funds.”

“BuzzFeed” also quotes Matt Canter, the spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee: “Heather Wilson is not only corrupt, she’s a self serving politician who will say anything to get elected, even lie to constituents about her long record working with the Bush Administration to privatize Social Security.”

That just about sums her up.

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