Though She’ll Take Their Money, Wilson Skips Republican National Convention

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27 June 2012


Though She’ll Take Their Money, Wilson Skips Republican National Convention
Touted As A “Convention Without Walls,” Wilson Won’t Attend Her Party’s Biggest Political Event 


ALUQUERQUE — Heather Wilson will not be attending the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida. Instead, according to spokesman Chris Sanchez, she will spend that time campaigning in New Mexico.WilsonBush.jpeg


From the National Journal:


New Mexico Republican Senate nominee Heather Wilson will not attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this summer, her spokesman tells Hotline On Call.


Wilson spokesman Chris Sanchez said that the former congresswoman does not plan to attend the convention in August and will be campaigning in New Mexico at the time.


Wilson is running against Democratic Rep. Martin Heinrich in a state that leans Democratic. Heinrich’s campaign confirmed that he plans to attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this September.


Wilson’s not the only competitive Republican Senate candidate skipping the Tampa gathering. Linda Lingle, the presumptive nominee in Hawaii, and Rep. Denny Rehberg, the Montana GOP nominee, will also be absent from the event.


Though Wilson will not attend the convention, she continues to use her Republican connections to help her current Senate campaign. Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS – where Wilson served as a board member – today released a pro-Wilson ad and just last month Wilson headlined a $2,500 per plate fundraiser in Manhattan with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.