Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Constitutional

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28 June 2012


Following Landmark Healthcare Decision,
New Mexico Health Advocates Will Discuss
What the Ruling Means for New Mexico






WHEN: Thursday, June 28th at 2pm


WHERE: Federal Courthouse in Albuquerque, Lomas and 4th Street NW


WHO: Health Reform Supporters and Advocates






ALBUQUERQUE — In one of the most important Supreme Court rulings of our lifetimes, the highest court in America today ruled that President Obama’s progressive healthcare law (the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare) is, in fact, constitutional.


In response to this historic decision, several New Mexico health care advocacy groups–including Know Your Care, Health Action NM, ProgressNow NM, Olé, and NM Voices for Children–have called a press conference to discuss what the Supreme Court’s decision will mean to New Mexico’s children, families and small businesses.


Join us today at 2pm to celebrate this major victory for healthcare in America and learn what it means for New Mexico’s future.