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Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was the nation’s top news story on Wednesday as national


 and local news outlets covered conservative-Christian supporters who waited in long lines to show their support for the company’s anti-equality agenda.

In Albuquerque, the story took another twist as approximately 100 equality supporters donned cow and chicken costumes to hand out “hate-free” chicken sandwiches from a local gay-owned business as an alternative to the national chain’s intolerant beliefs (Thank you to each and every one who took time away from work, school or whatever else you could have done to make this successful!)

The Wednesday lunchtime event, originally organized by ProgressNow New Mexico, welcomed public officials, candidates, advocacy groups, LGBT couples and straight allies.  If you missed the event (or, if you were there,  just want to see yourself on TV check out these overnight news clips).

As usual, the Alibi had a great synopsis posted just after the event:

Huckabee is pissed off that other people are pissed off about the poultry merchant’s homophobic positions. The chain has long been a supporter of anti-gay marriage efforts, and its CEO said recently that he is firm believer in biblically sanctioned unions. “He took it to a new level,” says Pat Davis ofProgressNow New Mexico. 

And had a great post up just after the event.

KOAT (Channel 7): Supporters, protesters pack Chick-fil-As across New



 “The people of Albuquerque deserve another choice than just chicken full of hate” -Marsha Garcia, ProgressNowNM

‎I mean it’s not necessarily hate, but they don’t believe in equality, and that right there is important enough to me to say you don’t really deserve my time or my money,” Zoe Wilson-Meyer said.






KRQE (Channel 13): 

Chicken outlets draw gay-rights protest

“I can walk down the street safely holding hands with my husband. I want every one I know and love to be able to do that too.” – Cristen Conley






From KOB (Channel 4) TV:


The event couldn’t have been successful without Oscar, Bruce and the whole crew from the Roma Bakery & Deli, Downtown.  They volunteered to make more than 100 “hate free” chicken sandwiches (which tasted remarkably like Chick-fil-A’s) which were devowered in less than 30 minutes.  Be sure to go by and tell them thank you (5th & Roma, Downtown) and spend a few bucks in their shop to show support for their support of all of us.

Bruce gave a great interview at