Heinrich leads Wilson by 9, Makes 50% as Wilson negatives increase

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Martin Heinrich’s lead over Heather Wilson has expanded to 9 points – widening by 5 points since May – as Wilson’s negatives continue to rise, according to a new pollingHeinrichWilson.jpg memo obtained by ProgressNowNM.


Heinrich, the current Dem. congressman from the Albuquerque-area 1st Congressional District, also earned 50% of support from likely voters for the first time since polling began in the race.


Among the key findings of the poll:


    • As voters have learned more about Wilson, their views of her have grown more negative and their willingness to support her in November has declined – leaving Martin Heinrich in a strong position heading into the fall campaign.


    • Voters clearly perceive Wilson as more of a creature of Washington DC, and more captive to its special interests, than they do Heinrich.




View the full polling memo on our Scribd page (embedded below):




Heinrich/ Wilson US Senate, Public Poll Memo 8-14-12