Romney energy plan: Drill our national parks

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Mitt Romney’s energy policy set to be announced from Hobbs, New Mexico on Thursday has been leaked and it includes plans to open America’s national parks, like New Mexico’s own Carlsbad Caverns National Park, to drilling and mining to create “lower energy costs for job creators” [read rich people like Mitt].  Romney will appear near Carlsbad on Thursday.


A copy of a news release from the Romney/Ryan campaign and a white paper on energy policy from the campaign was leaked late Wedneday afternoon and ProgressNowNM has been reviewing it.


Not surprisingly, the plan is light on specifics but promises to create millions of jobs and billions of dollars in economic growth, though the plan lacks details on how to do so.  Romney has previously stated his energy plan includes the elimination of wind energy production tax credits, an clean power source that powers more than 13 million US homes  including more than 200,000 in New Mexico.  Wind energy production produced more than $9.9 million in taxes and lease payments last year alone and supports hundreds of New Mexico jobs.


UPDATE (9:15 pm):  The original Romney/Ryan Energy Plan White Paper (dated 8/22/12) posted on Wednesday was deleted late Wednesday afternoon.


ProgressNowNM saved a copy and is posting it below.


103617319 Energy Policy White Paper






Energy Policy White Paper