Pat Rogers Statements Just a Joke to His NM Law Firm

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RNC Leader’s Law Firm: Anti-Native Statements Just Another Joke


Albuquerque- The law firm employing embattled RNC committeeman Pat Rogers, Modrall Sperling Law, wrote off Rogers’ anti-Native American remarks as just another Pat Rogers joke in a private letter to clients Tuesday, an act further disgusting Native Americans and Native leaders whose tribes and nations do business with clients of Rogers and the Modrall Sperling firm.

In the letter sent to clients, the firm accepted that Rogers’ “ill-considered” and “inconsiderate” comments were just a “poor attempt at humor” but fell far short of removing the firm Vice President from his leadership role or ending his lobbying work with tribes and pueblos offended by his comments.

Modrall Sperling continues to allow Pat Rogers to maintain his leadership role in the firm, despite insistence from the firm’s own Indian Law Practice Co-Chairs that Pat’s views do not represent them or the firm.

As a member of the firm’s executive committee, Rogers is an elected leader and senior spokesman for the firm and the bigoted remarks he has made against Native Americans, Hispanics, Gays and even candidates for office have all come from his Modrall Sperling office.  The firm has yet to hold Rogers publicly accountable for his statements.

ProgressNow New Mexico will join leaders from Native American, Hispanic and LGBT communities Thursday morning (August 30) at 9:00 am outside of the Modrall law offices located at 500 Fourth Street NW, Albuquerque for a brief press conference before community leaders deliver letters and attempt to meet with firm representatives. The publica and media are invited to attend this public event.

ProgressNowNM has collected more than 700 letters from persons in 43 states and two countries expressing opposition to Rogers’ statements and calling on his resignation from his public positions with the RNC and as a Modrall lobbyist.  Those letters will be personally delivered to the firm on Thursday morning.

Rogers’ statements have been called “offensive” by Governor Martinez, “prejudiced viewpoints” by Allen Weh, former GOP State Chair, and “racist in tone” by Chairman Chandler Sanchez of the All Indian Pueblo Council who earlier this week called for Rogers to resign his public RNC post.

View the Modrall letter to clients here:

Modrall Letter

Join us Thursday August 30th at 9:00 am at Pat Rogers’ offices at the Modrall Sperling Law Firm to deliver letters of opposition to Pat to his law firm partners.
9:00 AM
500 Fourth Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 
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