Hypocrisy Runs Amok At NM GOP

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11 September 2012


Hypocrisy Runs Amok at the NM GOP as Dem Candidate’s Adminstrative Mistakes are Blown Wildly Out of Proportion

ALBUQUERQUE — The Republican Party of New Mexico wasted no time today in crying foul about a Democratic candidate’s misstep in filing her campaign finance report. What they failed to mention, however, is that the conservative Reform New Mexico Now PAC – run by Governor Martinez’s top political operative Jay McCleskey and largely funded by Martinez’s top political donors – is guilty of the same thing.

The main charge leveled by the state GOP at the Democratic challenger to the Governor’s conservative darling Nate Gentry (House District 30) is that she did not properly disclose some information about her donors (such as addresses and occupations) on her most recent campaign finance report. (The information was properly amended Tuesday after the initial filing mistake.) Mark Knoop, the Executive Director of the state Republican Party, hyperbolically called the mistake “troubling” and “unacceptable” but nowhere mentioned that Jay McCleskey’s Reform New Mexico Now PAC also failed to provide information about the $281,000 the PAC raised during the last period. Of the PAC’s four individual contributions over $250 – the dollar amount over which it’s required that certain information about the donor be disclosed – no information under “Occupation” is listed. This information was not provided for three personal contributions in the PAC’s May financial disclosure either.

According to an Associated Press article, “Martinez political adviser Jay McCleskey said…Reform New Mexico Now is targeting two dozen legislative races and will support candidates backing the governor’s agenda.”

Earlier this year, it should be noted, Reform New Mexico Now PAC had to amend a financial disclosure report because contributions it received in April were actually received in May. No press release was issued by the NM GOP on this matter.

Would the state GOP raise such a ruckus about an administrative mistake if they knew Jay McCleksey’s PAC had committed the same one?

Would the state GOP say that the non-disclosure of occupational information by McCleskey’s PAC “cause[s] suspicion” as they ominously claim at the end of their hasty press release?

It’s doubtful.