Attorney General launches voter suppression investigation after ProgressNowNM exposes poll worker training

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Attorney General Launches Investigation Into Voter Suppression After ProgressNowNM Report on Voter Suppression Tactics by GOP

Investigating “concerted effort to discourage some voters”

Albuquerque – ProgressNow New Mexico’s Executive Director Pat Davis issues this statement on the news that New Mexico’s Attorney General Gary King has opened an investigation into voter suppression tactics exposed by ProgressNowNM:

“We applaud Attorney General King for standing up to protect the integrity of New Mexico’s elections. We also join him in adding to the chorus of New Mexicans who call on Governor Martinez and Secretary of State Duran to repudiate these types of tactics and work for fair elections, especially now that voters have already begun voting.”

Attorney General King announced the investigation, and that he is exploring sanctions against those found guilty of voter suppression in New Mexico.  His full statement is available online and copied here:

(SANTA FE)—Recent reports of poll-challenger training in Sandoval County have prompted a full investigation by Attorney General Gary King who is simultaneously exploring available sanctions against those found guilty of voter suppression tactics.

“I will not tolerate voter suppression efforts by anyone, period,” says AG King. “We have received a number of complaints since last Friday that there seems to be a concerted effort afoot to discourage some New Mexicans from exercising their right to vote this November. My office is committed to helping ensure fair elections by working to put an immediate stop to such misinformation and publicly correcting what has already been disseminated.”

By definition, voter suppression is any attempt to influence elections by discouraging or actually preventing people from going to the polls. Last week a Sandoval County GOP official reportedly told trainees, among other false information, that they could ask voters to present identification in order to vote.  New Mexico law does not require ID to vote.

“It’s against New Mexico law to check for ID,” New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce told a Denver, Colorado reporter last week.

AG King is calling upon Governor Susana Martinez and NM Secretary of StateDianna Duran to join him in repudiating voter suppression tactics and to work together to ensure fair elections in New Mexico.


Last week, ProgressNow New Mexico released video and and GOP manual improperly training poll challengers to demand identification and deny regular ballots and assistance to certain voters.  We also exposed the non-profit True The Vote group (under Congressional investigation for voter suppression tactics) coordinating, in apparent violation of IRS rules, with the Bernalillo County Republican Party.

Since first releasing the video, it has been viewed more than 48,000 times and generated news stories across the country.

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