Rio Grande Foundation One-Ups Rebel Flag Tea Party Float by Importing a Real Live Confederate

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Mere weeks after the Las Cruces Tea Party was rebuked for honoring New Mexican heritage not with Native or Spanish symbols, but with a Confederate battle flag, the conservative Rio Grande Foundation has found a way to “out racist” the Tea Party.  The RGF is hosting a real-life Confederate successionist leader on Friday!


There’s an all-out Neo-Confederate Southern Secessionist coming to Albuquerque on Friday, and he’s being hosted by Albuquerque’s Conservative Rio Grande Foundation, the “go-to” think tank for the Albuquerque Journal and KKOB.


The Rio Grande Foundation’s extremist views, promoting “opportunity and liberty” are on full display as they invite as their guest speaker Thomas E. Woods — the Neo-Confederate and co-founder of Southern hate group League of the South.


His book cover includes statements like:


    • Puritans didn’t steal Indian lands,


    • Hundreds of American Liberals had secret ties to the Soviets,


Here’s what the current President of the “League of the South says: “Today’s white Christian Southerners are the blood descendants of the men and women who settled this country and gave us the blessings of freedom and prosperity. To give away this inheritance in the name of “equality” or “fairness” would be unconscionable. As the posterity of the Founders and of Lee, Jackson, Forrest, and Davis, let us summon the courage to defend the sublime blessing the God of the Ages has given us. No one else will do it for us.”


Even though Woods has attempted to expunge all public connection to the group his views remain the same. They advocate against “equal treatment of all men, the subjugation of women and for a second Southern Secession from an oppressive “American Empire” which they believe now occupies the South. What’s more it was the respected Southern Poverty Law Center who designated the “League of the South” as a hate group.





While the Foundation purports to promote liberty and opportunity for all New Mexicans, their recognition and promotion of a Neo-Confederate like Mr. Woods exposes a more sinister truth.  Policies like Mr. Woods’ promote a hierarchical belief in humanity where liberty and opportunity are more my right than yours.  New Mexico knows better, and so should Mr. Woods and the Rio Grande Foundation.


Even other conservative think tanks get it. The Claremont Institute wrote of Woods:


Though debunking him is fun, what’s really at stake is the conservative movement’s respectability and honor. As conservatives, we embarrass ourselves when we promote sloppy scholarship. We disgrace ourselves when we promote books, like PIG (Woods’, “Politically Incorrect Guide to American History”) and others, that seek to discredit the principles of the American Founding.


The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Thomas E. Woods at a luncheon this Friday, October 12 from noon to 1:00pm at the Marriott Pyramid in Albuquerque. Woods has titled (almost ironically) his talk to suit his audience: “Our Government Overlords Are Just Here to Serve us-and Other Myths About Government.”




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