“A couple of whores”

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Last week, we exposed the Tea Party and GOP teaming up to teach poll challengers to improperly demand identification and force some legal voters to use provisional ballots.

In less than a week, more than 50,000 people have viewed our video.

Congressman Steve Pierce even told a reporter that he was OK with the illegal tactics because they would help “take the state back.”

This week, Attorney General Gary King announced he was launching a full investigation into voter suppression after our report went public.

Our elections are under attack, but we are fighting back. 

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“A couple of whores.”

That’s what Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston actually admits he said about women working for him.

He told the Albuquerque Journal he called another Hispanic woman a “fat slob,” said a breast cancer victim couldn’t have had cancer because “her breasts are too small,” and another woman couldn’t have been sexually harassed because she’s too plain.  And when a Hispanic female employee blew the whistle, he fired her.

The problem (and there are many!) is that Dan Houston thinks he’s above the law. 

But, he’s elected to be our county’s chief law enforcement officer and that means that he’s sworn to protect us all – including Hispanics and women.  Women need to know that when they call 9-1-1 to complain about domestic violence, rape or harassment they won’t get a Sheriff who thinks only certain women can be victims.

And Hispanics and women in our communities who want to protect and serve should know that when they don that uniform, our Sheriff has their back.

Our community is full of a lot of good cops but Dan Houston has proven he isn’t one of him.   

ProgressNowNM_logos.jpgSend Dan Houston a message and ask him to step aside.  Sign this letter, and add your comments, asking Sheriff Houston to resign before the good reputation our deputies fight for everyday is tarnished by scandal.

As a candidate, Houston sought the endorsement of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now as Sheriff, he’s showing more condescension and bigotry towards anyone but his good ‘ol boys.

There is no excuse for this behavior from our elected officials, and especially from those we trust to protect and serve.  Dan Houston had the chance to apologize when the Journal asked him about the claims.  Instead, he admitted them and made them worse.  Now it’s time for him to go.

Elected officials answer to us.  Let them hear your voice.  Send Dan Houston a message here and now.