What's David Doyle Hiding? (VIDEO)

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In September, we asked “Where’s David Doyle?” when State Representative and current State Senate candidate Doyle sold his million-dollar home in his CorralesSnapshot 1 (10-14-2012 4-40 PM).png district.  After tracking him for more than a week, he finally told us by phone he’d left his district and was “living with friends in Rio Rancho,” but wouldn’t tell us where. The problem is state law (NMSA 1-1-7.1) requires that candidates may run for office at a location where they are registered to vote, “…provided the person resides on the premises.”  


Still, he promised he’d be back by Election Day but we weren’t so sure.  We stayed on the trail and found him, not in his Corrales district or with friends in Rio Rancho.  Instead, we found him at a home in the Albuquerque Country Club and frequently in the company the state’s Construction Industries Director Katherine Martinez, a state appointee charged with regulating Doyle’s construction business.

Doyle’s campaign promotes him as a family man, picturing him with wife and family on the website, on Facebook and in mail.  We wanted to know if Doyle was being dishonest with voters, and lying about his residency just to run for office and whether he still thought he could be a candidate for office since his voter registration card didn’t match his address at the time he filed and since he didn’t even live in the district.

And what about Martinez?  Doyle denied she visited him until we showed him photos showing otherwise.

We asked.  Here’s what he said.

So, who is Katherine Martinez?   She is currently the Director of the Construction Industries Division which regulates construction businesses like Doyle’s.  She was appointed to the post by Governor Martinez on March 8, 2012 – the same day Doyle’s campaign paid her for work on his senate campaign.

But Doyle and Martinez have known each other for much longer.  According to a 2011 UNM report, Martinez was Doyle’s legislative assistant and Director of Government Affairs for the Home Builders Association of Central NM.  The pair also served together on the on the NAIOP Board of Directors and Martinez is listed as the primary contact for Doyle’s Senate Campaign on his official Facebook page.

All this leads us to ask if Martinez’s spending so much time with David Doyle on a personal basis presents a professional conflict of interest for both she and Doyle. And whether the governor’s administration approves of her managing his Facebook page and their personal relationship.