pro-Governor PAC racks up ethics complaints

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More than three months after a complaint was filed against the pro-Martinez Super PAC, the Secretary of State’s Office has failed to even begin a full review into whether the group lied on financial reports and failed to register as required by law after receiving hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in June.  All this while at least two other complaints against the group have been filed with the office.

Today’s Albuquerque Journal reports that the Secretary of State provided the PAC a 15-day extension to respond to the a demand for documents and a response to complaints that the group “failed to follow state law by registering as a political action committee within 10 days of receiving $205,000 from various donors.”  By comparison, the Secretary of State just announced a finding of fault against a Democratic state lawmaker just 36 days after first receiving the complaint from the campaign of her Republican opponent.

Last week, ProgressNow New Mexico filed a complaint after the group’s return address appeared on a mailer sent by State Senator John Ryan’s official campaign.  Coordination between Super PACs and candidates is not permitted and violations of this type in at least one other state have resulted in the persons involved being banned from participating in election activity for years.

Today, ProgressNowNM filed another complaint against Reform New Mexico Now PAC after a mailer sent by the group in a Los Alamos-area House race failed to include the name of the group and printer responsible for the piece.   Violations are fourth-degree felonies under state election law.

In September, a complaint was also filed with the Attorney General regarding Reform New Mexico Now PAC’s failure to disclose the occupation of persons donating to their PAC as required by law.

“Unfortunately for voters, our Secretary of State has drug her feet and failed to act swiftly to investigate these allegations and that has allowed Reform PAC to continue to operate in blatant violations of state election laws,” says Pat Davis of ProgressNowNM.  “It appears that the Secretary is simply letting them run out the clock until Election Day so that this group and their consultants who backed and supported her are unimpeded in their attempts to deceive voters without any accountability.”

Reform New Mexico Now PAC has been repeatedly criticized for claims made in their mailers and advertisings which are unsourced and which targets say are inaccurate and unfair.

With so many violations against the PAC coming to light, ProgressNowNM has launched an online tool to allow New Mexicans to file and track complaints against the PAC directly with the Secretary of State.  The webform, found on the website, allows concerned persons to select the area of election law they believe the PAC violated, describe the violation and send the complaint directly to the Secretary of State.  Persons submitting a complaint will receive a copy of their complaint and will automatically ask for an update directly from the Secretary.



File a complaint with our Secrtary of State against Reform New Mexico Now PAC