281,000 reasons to hate TV

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New Mexico voters fed up with negative ads in state legislature races have a new reason to be mad this week.  281,000 reasons to be exact.

Reform New Mexico Now PAC purchased just over $281,000 in TV ad time to run ads encouraging voters to support candidates they claim are pledging to support Governor Martinez’s license repeal  (and against those they say do not).

The ad (embedded below) includes a note in the YouTube description that the ad is “early vote,” indicating that more spots are likely to come.


There is already another spot also on the air eaturing Governor Martinez touting her work on the “Baby Brianna” case and what Reform PAC claims were votes by targets number one and two, Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez and Senate President Pro Tem Tim Jennings, on legislation to extend sentencing for some offenders.  Critics of the ads say those claims are misleading.

No video of that ad has surfaced on YouTube, yet.

In response, Patriot Majority PAC, a group supporting Democratic candidates, released this ad titled “Extremists” on Friday.  No word on the dollar amount of this ad buy.