Progressive Voter Guide

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This year’s election is a crucial one for our families, our communities, and our state. Our goal is to make informed voting choices based on progressive values easier for you.


PVG2012-2.jpgWith so many candidates and organizations asking for your vote, it can be hard to keep track.


We cataloged 239 candidates and 656 endorsements all in one guide for your quick reference!


The Progressive Voter Guide is based on their endorsements – your ticket to highly informed recommendations about the races on your ballot.


The ProgressNow New Mexico Progressive Voters Guide identifies the candidates with the most progressive track records and the ballot measure positions that will protect or promote progress in New Mexico.


Here’s how it works:






Remember, voting is even easier this year with many counties using voting convenience centers.  If your county uses these centers, you can vote at any center in your county but your precinct may not be open on election day.  Check the polling place list for this important information. 


These links will give you the information you need about the most progressive candidates in our state, helping us build a progressive majority here in New Mexico. 


Please forward this guide to your loved ones, and be sure to share with your friends on Facebook.  Most importantly, make sure you vote sometime between now and November 6th. Make your vote count!


(Ballot information was taken from the Secretary of State’s official list of candidates and offices sought.  Errors are attributable to the source.  Endorsements were taken from lists available from the organization’s public sources, including press releases, websites or published election guides.)




Progressive Voters Guide 2012-2.0