What’s Heather Wilson Hiding?

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25 October 2012


What’s Heather Wilson Hiding?


Senate candidate refuses to answer simple questions about
her involvement in Attorney General’s pay-to-play investigation




ALBUQUERQUE — Heather Wilson continues to dodge simple questions her potential constituents want answered about why she was named in an Attorney General’s pay-to-play probe.


ProgressNow NM originally reported on this story back in June 2012 after we uncovered campaign finance documents showing that officers and directors of at least three companies associated with TruTouch Technologies gave Wilson tens-of-thousands of dollars in campaign donations all while receiving her help to direct a supposedly fair bid contract straight back to them.


To read our original report, view the AG’s letter, and see the campaign finance reports CLICK HERE or HERE.


To see a recording of Wilson refusing to answer a direct question about this issue yesterday at a Republican rally CLICK HERE or watch the embedded video above.


Tonight is also the final debate between Rep. Martin Heinrich and Heather Wilson. KOB, who will be airing the debate, is currently accepting questions from the public that could be asked of the candidates tonight. If you want to know why Wilson refuses to answer these simple questions, submit your own question HERE.